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Sega, Super Smash Bros. If you get more characters in the Ultimate DLC, what can we see?


They have already represented the third party in Smash, but there is no shortage of choices from the Sega franchise.

As for Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, I took this series of articles for myself, analyzing every third party company that is ready to play in the Super Smash Bros.

We are currently reviewing the characters in the game, how much time they spend on the array, and the distinctions that are different from each other.

Then, it's time to look at other great franchisors that are available to the Super Smash Bros, or to comply with the criteria for paying particular attention to game history or specific genres.

At present, there are 3 of five parties that can be represented in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and we will look at each other.

When the Joker appears as the first DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate from the Persona series, Sega's likely to have another character, but you will not be able to figure out what's going on in a rabbit like Smash.

So let's dive directly and see more of Sega's Super Smash Bros series.

Super Smash Bros. in 2008 Brawl was part of the Super Smash Bros family. Sonic Hedgehog could show the epic console competition of the 90s with a fierce struggle between Sonic and Mario. .

Super Smash Bros. 4 has been featured on the Smash history since its last DLC character was introduced as Bayonetta. Although these features and the franchise are completely owned by Sega, games are often published by Nintendo.

Before you enter the upcoming DLC ​​for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is an interesting tidbit that only the 3rd party coming from Brawl is Sonic Super Smash Bros. 4 came to a new stage and both of them return the stages of this franchise with Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

At the same time, Sonic joined the Shadow the Hedgehog, which entered the trophy after the Zodiac fight with Ehhidna.

On this stage and at Bayonetta's Umbra Clock Tower, Sega represents the third party stagewise, and we know that Atlas developed Persona's Joker (belonging to Atlusun Sega) DLC comes, their superiority is even greater.

It's worth mentioning that Sega's Smash 4, Ultimate, and Bayonetta in Persona, along with Sonic, Hedgehog, and Hedgehog make Smash the only third party to add a new franchise.

This is something that you do not even know about Puyo Puyon, so many readers can come as a shock, but when it comes to virtually the issue, Sega's second largest video is Sonic the Hedgehog then a game franchise.

He was also the only one who was really interested in being one of the most exciting things – a genre of Smash Bros, who was a stretch since he was a white coat Mario. If you do not count Mario, there is no representation.

Look, Puyo Puyo, the transition version of Puyo Puyo Tetris, is a competitive puzzle game that raises celebrities over many repetitions when faced with the more popular Tetris franchise.

Puyo Puyo is great in Japan and has been active since 1991. If you like Sega's great success as an arcade company in Japan, you can find it in many toys, if you want to fight an angry fight against a live opponent.

As for the characters, Puyo Puyo really has a lot, the most prominent Arle Nadja, a young girl with magic powers (brown hair with banners above). Combining the story with Puyo Puyo puzzle elements, we can create an exciting space and be honest … It would be very unexpected, very unexpected, in line with something unexpected.

This lasts a long time since the previous Capcom post was not based on the reasoning that brought about Devil May Cry, ie Yakuza's Nintendo hardware.

These potentially puts a big tooth on your luck, but they are Reggie Super Smash Bros. You will not be expecting to be open to such speculation as it feels like all betting tables and even franchise offs, with an unexpected franchise disclosure.

Over the last decade or so, the Yakuza series has been one of the most sustainable intellectual features available for Sega, regularly receives new games and has a solid fan base all over the world who loves games and always wants more.

For me personally, this truth, which reflects the weaknesses of Japan's criminal life, which is incomplete in many ways, is a very attractive one that is hard for me to forget.

We often cry for Kazuma Kiryu, the main character of franchisee, to join the Tekken series. We've seen that the conversation will not start or not, as the series is directly involved with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an ideal time to send an all-out.

Something Super Smash Bros is very clear – Virtua Fighter is held on a very high number. Series Super Smash Bros. Although he did not get a few Mii suits at 4, this time around, I took Akira Yuki & # 39 as auxiliary trophy.

A major reason for this is to emphasize Super Smash Bros and celebrate the history of the game, and Virtua Fighter is a game that brings war games to the 3D world, despite the popularity and sale of Tekken. For a long time.

Taking into account the profitable business relationship between Nintendo and Sega, the Virtua Fighter really means Super Smash Bros. is not a naked choice for debut.

The biggest obstacle for this is obviously not a very active franchisee, with the latest revision of a game in the Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, debuted for the first time in 2010.

As symbols go, it's hard to imagine anyone else, Akira Yuki, the main character of the series … To be honest, even if they try to keep it in the polygonic model, they can have a better impact on it. Memory players may otherwise make mistakes for Ryu.

Nintendo or its partners are looking at what we consider as DLC, but Nintendo does not have to sell the games of other companies, so if they put their eyes on one side, they will probably push it. Although they pay special attention to the Virtua Fighter, though it's a completely different matter.

What you really see in the text for this Sega part of the writing series, and Hatsune Miku, sweeped the world, and the choice between a Sega character and a Vocaloid was really difficult.

Although he is in the game, he is not generally a game because he chose to prevent Miku and is insufficiently reluctant to include in other cross-links such as Sega, Sonic and Sega. All-Star Racing, maybe they did not associate themselves with a lot of games as regular franchisees.

Do you have another Sega franchise that you want to be part of the Super Smash Bros family? Do you agree with any opinion? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading this story, and hopefully you'll be glad her. We look forward to the four other parts of this series released in the coming days.

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