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Sending astronauts to Mars would be foolish, astronaut says


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Bill Anders apollo on December 8, 1968

One of the first people to come out of the moon, said that BBC Radio 5 Live was "stupid" to plan human missions on Mars.

Apollon 8's lunar module pilot, Bill Anders, said the groups that sent the first human space flight to Earth were "laughable".

Nasa is currently planning a new human mission to the Moon.

He wants to learn the skills and develop technology to secure the future man on Mars.

There was an answer to Anders' comments, but he did not answer.

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Bill Anders today. Nasa said she should not plan to send her mission to Mars

85-year-old Anders said that "noteworthy" is a "great supporter" of unmanaged programs, "largely cheaper." But the public simply says that it is not just to fund a more expensive human mission.

"What's the Exam? What does it take to go to Mars?" "I do not think the public is interested," he added.

However, robotic probes still investigate Mars. Last month, InSight lander, an example of the planet, touched Elysium Planitia successfully.

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Showing a Mars Mars Home Ice Concept.

In December 1968, Anders and crew members Frank Borman and Jim Lovell were removed from Cape Canaveral in Florida at Saturn V before completing their 10 orbit around the Moon.

Apollo 8 crew spent 20 hours in orbit before landing.

Earthquakes occurring in the Pacific Ocean on December 27 are about 5,000 feet (4500 meters) down the target. They were selected by the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier.

At this point, the most remote men were not the planets in their homes, and only seven months later took an important step on the road to the historic month of Apollo 11.

However, the former astronaut, Nasa, is worried by how President John F. Kennedy has been developing since the 1960s when he promised to put one person down on the Moon.

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Description of the famous Earthrise from Apollo 8

"Nasa could not go to the moon today … They got together … Nasa turned into a work program … Many centers are mainly interested in doing business, and if you do not see other public support, they get salaries and congressmen are re-elected."

Anders criticizes the decision to pay attention to the investigation of the Earth's orbit after the Apollo program's completion in the 1970s. "I think the cosmic space is a serious mistake, except for an exciting start, but nothing else," he said.

"The cosmic station was just there, because there was a space, and vice versa, something worse than the barrier program."

The US military may seem surprisingly proud of its proud patriarch and its servant, who still commends his mission with joy in space. Anders's idea is that the cosmos community does not sit well with some of them.

"I think Nasan is lucky – I'm not a very popular person in Nasa Nasada, which I think is still difficult, but I think that's what I think," he said.

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Apollo 8 is prepared to start the astronaut

Former crew member Frank Borman, who ordered the Apollo 8 mission and who spent two weeks on the Earth during the Gemini program, is a little more enthusiastic.

"I do not criticize as Nasimi Bill," said the 5-year-old. "I believe we need the powerful intelligence of our solar system, and I think it's part of a human being."

But Space X founder, Elon Musk and Amazon director Jeff Bezos, also asked about the plans for launching special missions on Mars, Borman was less free.

"I think Mars is a lot of consciousness, and Musk and Bezos talk about putting colonies on Mars, it's not ridiculous."

Apollo's heritage

Borman, reflecting his mission to the moon on the Moon, described Apollo 8 as a "great effort" and admitted that he had won the space race.

Anders said that he thought the mission's permanent heritage would be "Earthrise", a photograph drawn by a group showing the dependence of the human planet on the home away from the horizon.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Prime Minister, Jim Lovell, at the time of their Earthrise, said: "When I look back to Earth … I wonder why I was here, what is my purpose here?"

"And my perspective is that God has given us a step to accomplish the people." How did I play for us?

Frank Borman and Bill Anders talked about BBC Radio 5 Live in a special documentary dedicated to the 50th anniversary of their own history. Apollo 8: On the Far side of the Moon, Christmas will be broadcast live on December 24, 2018, at 20:00.

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