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Tesla, after cutting the price of some Model 3s (TSLA) in China,


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  • Tesla's executive director, Elon Musk, said the car's taxpayers would not lose their tax privileges.
  • On Sunday, an electric car maker, according to one report, reduced the price of some Model 3 sedans to 7.6% in China.
  • For the third consecutive month, Tesla cut China's prices
  • Tesla's shareholders have dropped by more than 6% on Monday
  • Watch Tesla trading live.

Tesla shares dropped 6.17% from Monday morning to $ 300.63. CEO Elon Musk said that production delays will not pay off tax privileges and the company will be paying back after the company has downgraded China for the third time in the past two years.

One tweet on SaturdayMus said:Tesla's commitment to the delivery and the commitment of the customer to the end of the year will result in a difference in Tesla's tax credit. "Earlier this year, the company said that orders for October 15 will be brought to the end of the year and US $ 7,500 will be taxable next year to 3,750 dollars.

On Sunday, an electric car maker said China's official website had lowered the prices of some models to 7.6% on Sunday, Reuters reports. In China, the starting price for Tesla's mass market is 499,000 Chinese yuan ($ 72,000).

In November, Tesla announced that the price of the Chinese Model S and Model X cars declined from 12% to 26% in order to eliminate the impact of US-Chinese trading warfare. And at the beginning of this month, the Chinese government cut the car prices again on these models after temporarily removing additional 25% tariffs replaced by the US bus, as part of the commercial spat.

Tesla's shareholders set out on a roller coaster trip in 2018. CEO Elon Musk believes that the company's private company will receive a $ 420-per-acquisition share, reaching more than $ 387 at the beginning of August. Musk fell to less than $ 250, by mid-October, as he settled in the Securities and Exchange Commission, claiming that he had made "false and misleading statements". As part of the settlement, Mous did not accept or denied any allegations, accepting a fine of $ 20 million, and at least three years for Tesla's chairman.

Tesla grew by 0.78 percent on Friday this year.

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