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The 4-year runners were revealed (kind), as well as more Marvel secrets



The avengers are going to gather, for a long, long film.


Disappointed fans, assemble! Avengers 4 director Joe Russo knows how to play his audience. Russo, minus his brother and co-director Anthony, hosted a lively session of questions and answers on the Instagram Stories page for Los Angeles Duello Bar on Thursday.

Live R & D was disappointing for some who came only for cinematic news as Rusko spoke mainly about his new bar, discussing drinks with the creator of Duello Iain McPherson. However, a few curlers of events came in. And the biggest news came when Roussos was asked how long the avengers would be 4.

"He is currently sitting in three hours," Russo said. "This will see if this is the case, but it is now sitting at three o'clock."

Both big questions above the minds of every fan of the Avengers were asked, and Russo avoided tacitly, just like Iron Man dodging a missile.

When does the trailer come in? "You may or may not see it before the calendar is turned into 2019," Russo said.

What about this mysterious title? "The official title for avengers 4 is democratists …" Russo said, and then the video was happily distracted.

He returned, joking about technical difficulties, and this time, he seemed to reveal the title, but with the sound cut off. And if you do not think the fans are already trying to read their lips Mark Ruffalo to Jimmy Fallon, you do not know Marvel fans.

"Could you read Rousseau's Mouth during Video?" wrote a Twitter user. "The title was censorship but I think you could still read his mouth, it's a little late."

Rousseau was asked how to keep the blabbers Ruffalo and Tom Holland marked by the film's deterioration. "Did not fire Mark Ruffalo?" asked. (Yes, they did – but we still assume it's a big joke.) "Yes, we shot Mark Ruffalo, Mark scattered," he said.

The director was also asked if the bets would be higher on Avengers 4 than in previous films. "Absolutely 100 percent higher than any of the movies to date, no doubt," he said. Well, spirit, ever since half of your main cast is "dead".

He also revealed that the staff were "about half the process" for Avengers 4, with much more work to come and that the brothers "would like to work with Marvel again" after this film.

Russo advised a fan who wanted to be directed. "Shoot, shoot, shoot, take your phone out, make yourself a cheap camera … My greatest encouragement is … to make as much movie as possible."

And once you turn things around, be smart enough to keep the big secrets, like the date and title of the trailer, locked like an Infinity stone. Okay, he did not say this last piece, but you know he wanted it.

Avengers 4 are scheduled for release on May 3, 2019, in the US, and April 26, in the United Kingdom, with no Australian date.

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