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The best supplements for a lower sex drive: Rhodiola rosea extract can boost your libido


The lower sex drive is a problem that affects both men and women. Normal & # 39; There is nothing different about libido and everyone has sex. Stress and fatigue may have a direct impact on few things. So what can you do to increase libido?

Dr. David Edwards, a GP specializing in sexual health, has a number of tips, including the rhodiola rosea extract.

Research led by Dr Edwards and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and also in the Phytotherapy Research magazine, rhodiola rosea extract, suggests that a plant used to relieve stress and increase energy for centuries can help to increase the rate of lower sex in men, caused by stress.

Dr. Edwards said: "Vitano Rhodiola is available on the high street in the form of tablets, adding natural medicine that can help with the temporary relief of stress related symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, and low sex drive, and has been used for more than 30 years as a traditional tool.

"In fact, Rhodiola rosea was used by the Vikings and was given as a wedding gift to couples in Siberia."

Dr. Edwards has some expectations of finding some time for romance.

Find the time for romance

"I often try to get away from an opportunity that is often avoided by couples who are lifelike – even if it's an evening," said Dr. Edwards.

"It's a good idea to get away from home if you want to run away because it's a bath or a shower, it's a home cooking candle – it's really a stress, because driving on a potential" love belt "can be stressful Thursday."

Trust your body

Dr. Edwards notes: "You both think about sex at the workplace, in the mirror, and in your body.

"An unhealthy diet and lack of barriers can lead you to a poor appearance, so it's a good place to improve, while lunchtime can take a 30-minute walk around the block to increase the level of your daily activities and increase your mood and self-esteem."

Eat your way to a better sex life

"When people are poor, their diet is often nutritious," explains Dr. Edwards. "It creates a difficult period: increased stress levels, less energy, and marking to libido.

Therefore, the growth of "happy" hormones, naturally increasing serotonin, also promotes calmness and better mood. Some fruits and cinnamon with oatmeal for breakfast, lunch with salad for a few golden and dinner with turkey strips. These foods help increase serotonin-amin acids, tryptophan, in the body. "

Contact is essential

"It may be necessary to work after some time, but it is important to avoid frustration with your partner," says Dr Edwards, adding that it can be a long time to maintain a sense of emotional affinity, which is so important to maintain sexual life.

"In fact, a quarter of the respondents said they would receive a sensitive text message and take them in the mood." 12 percent of respondents said that they would get a compliment, more sexually explicit, he said. "

To drink

"Alcohol is known as anti-nutrition because it actually emits nutrients, especially those needed for energy production and stress reduction," explains Dr. Edwards.

"Thus, over time, drinking can become an inevitable affect on libido, and alcohol consumption can reduce testosterone levels and may eventually cause lower libido."

Wait some

The latest survey by Aviva Health shows that in the UK, about the fourth is not enough sleep – in fact we are the worst villain in the world. Poor sleep causes long night nervousness and low mood – and fatigue will also suppress the sexual drive.

Dr. Edwards said, "If your sleep is poor, your ex-spouse has so much truth in a drink that you have to sleep in the morning before you hit the pillow to encourage the release of your sleep hormone."

"In addition to determining sleeping tablets that may cause fear from the GP in the morning, try an ideal natural plant alternative with Valerian and / or Passionflower.

A licensed natural sleep supplement that combines Valerian and Passionflower is available on the high street in the form of Boundary Sleep Aid as a traditional medicine used to temporarily relieve sleep disorders due to mild symptoms of conventional use. "

Extras are recommended to help in many health situations, including anxiety.

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