Wednesday , February 8 2023

The Bethesda Fallout Classic Collection is for Fallout 76 owners


Bethesda Softworks apologizes for this Fallout 76 the company has reached a new point in giving free copies of another game to its owners. As you can imagine Fallout basically, it starts to turn into Bethesda's ugliness for all the things that keep plants Fallout 76and the company worked hard to try and fix things, and to provide them with admirers. In the latest move, the company announced today that it will announce a free copy of everyone who has announced and purchased the game Fallout Classic Collection Free gift in January.

This is not a flaw that it would not apologize to the company, because it is likely that there are many people who love their owner rather than theirs. But for those who are still upset or upset Fallout 76The latter product is likely to be viewed as a company that is trying to get out of the situation with another item that they do not want to get out of the situation first. Note that the game is only for PC when applying for all owners. We see that the public will not react, but so far the reaction to social media is really mixed.

(Last updated 22 December 2018 4:13 )

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