Tuesday , January 31 2023

The British police report did not have a pilot in Gatwick


Sussex Police continues investigations into accidents at London's Gatwick airport, although there is no drones flying at the airport, despite a description of a top detector.

The Drone crisis has caused a series of clashes in the country's second-most liveliest airport in the last three days. This left tens of thousands of vacationers who were stranded at the height of the holiday season.

The airport operated normally on Monday, but military equipment remained to avoid and monitor any pressure.

Police said Sunday that about 67 miles south of the airport, 67 people were piloting by public, passengers, police officers and staff.

The police said: "We have made a damaged pilot, we are conducting a home survey and we make statements from everyone who reported what happened."

Clarification was deemed necessary after Sussex headquarters. Jason Tingley raised his eyebrows and criticized the English press when he said he was "likely" and there was no pilot in the area.

He refers to people coming from people who are not electronic watchdogs that can provide independent audits of the reported pilots.

Nevertheless, the tension of a travel flow of more than 100,000 passengers was postponed due to incorrect reports on drone activity.

The police were also criticized for having been freed without any charges after publishing their names and photos in many newspapers, along with a man and a woman together with a pilot.

It is unclear whether a damaged pilot discovered near the Gatwick airport will provide court papers that could lead to the perpetrators of the worst-case drone activity to attack the main airport of the police.

According to the police, the last flight was discovered in the area on Thursday. Drone DNA is tested for fingerprints and other evidence.

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