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The Calgary woman, who survives the persecution of the arrested aggressor, goes out of the network


WARNING: The details and pictures of this story may be disturbing to some readers.

Dianne Denova's life has been taken for more than two years to get her closer to her, broken and damaged by her former lover, after a physical and emotionally ill attack.

However, Michael Rick Cole, Canada's law, entered into a Canadian agreement after violating the terms of the legal release, without losing a half-home under the charge of Calgary officials.

Learning about the dangerously rising person's police radar is like a nightmare for Denovan and his family.

Denovan told Postmedia on Saturday, "This is the disease there." "When I know he was released, I set up an alarm system in my home … it's like repeating, and I feel panic and anxiety."

Denovan felt that Cole felt "more right" as he did in the trial and Cole's ability to escape from the police only strengthened.

"I was sentenced to two years in prison and sentenced to life," he said.

An oral document obtained by Postmedia Cole has a long history of crime dating back to 1987, and has previously been convicted of threats, threats, attacks on the body and at least two other local events.

The terms of his release required Cole to avoid using alcohol or drugs, stay in touch with Denovan, live in a Canadian-approved place of detention and to communicate closely with each other.

He was considered a high risk of reacting again.

49-year-old Michael Rick (Rick) Cole, Canada's conventional conditional conditional detention conditions and wanted the authorities to abandon Calgary. Right now she will have a big attempt and attack after serving two years for an aggravated assault on a Calgary woman who is now afraid.


On October 23, 2016, Denovan and Cole stayed in a bar where he and his wife had a concert when a couple came in.

Cole was removed from the ground, but Denovan enjoyed the show.

Denovan spoke to a man who had been interviewed for seven months on an online dating site: "I had nothing to do with him all day, I did not know he had history of drug abuse or violence, and I did not know that before."

Denovan turned to Bar Bar after Cole's anger and decided to continue with her friends at night.

When he got into bed, Denovan said he heard a voice behind him.

He began to see Cole standing there, something called, and unwanted, and suddenly the man began to assault Denovan for a life threatening life.

Denovan said he had hit his head with a stainless steel lamp and lost his frustration, and then attacked for about four hours.

Documents were wounded in broken bones, broken jaw, tear eye, large fractures and bruising in the brain and other injuries.

Denovan managed to escape from the attack by running away from his neighbor's house only when Cole took a break from the stall to enter the garage.

"How was power or clarity to get out of the house? I will never understand it, but I'm always very grateful," says Denova's daughter, Nikole, now on Facebook.

Calgary female Dianne Denovan was wounded in one of her seven photographs after an attack by her ex-boyfriend Michael Richard "Rick Cole" on October 23, 2016. (Proved / Denovan Family)


The neighbors called by the police and Cole fled the scene. He was arrested about five weeks later.

Dianne spent three weeks in hospital before she was taken care of, and later spent time in a shelter until Cole was found and arrested.

But much more than the physical structure of the attack, as a result of the trauma, traumatic stress.

After the years were restored, the disappearance of Colein "re-opened" the emotional traces left in this terrible night in 2016.

Cole was imprisoned for more than two years for an aggravated assault.

Cole, was released on November 30, 2018 and Dianne wanted to be released in Calgary & # 39; s. But it is best for the court to return it to the city where it can return it back, "said Nikol.

She was afraid that the family would hit them or another woman. His family said Cole had created many fake social media accounts and appealed to Dennis despite the rules of emergency protection.

Calgary female Dianne Denovan was wounded in one of her seven photographs after an attack by her ex-boyfriend Michael Richard "Rick Cole" on October 23, 2016. (Proved / Denovan Family)


Nikole made a Facebook message detailing the attack, and ran away from the law to help Cole regain control of the man.

But since today, it is expected that the victims of other internal offensive messages will react unexpectedly, and those who are afraid of those who make similar stories to those who have lost their lives or who are afraid of them.

"We do not know what to do," Dianne said. "It was shared more than 20,000 times in less than 48 hours, when we did not have that goal."

An attack on his daughter's mother is also a warning of potential dangers online dating and works with romantic participation with someone you do not know.

Nicol says, "You never know who you are." And the person at the grocery store is trying to get his life one day. "

Everyone with information about where Cole was located was asked to call Calgary Police Emergency Line in 403-266-1234.

Tips can be raised anonymously by contacting Criminal Investigators at 1-800-222-8477 or

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