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The engineering firm passed on the eve of the 60s


Devin Johnson, left, MIG Engineering Ltd. is the president and chief executive officer of the company. Former President Marty Raaymakers announced on Thursday that he retired.
(Louis Pin / Observer)

A staple in Sarnia's engineering community this week has gone to one of the oldest independent engineering companies at Sarnia, MIG Engineering (2011) Ltd.

President and Chief Executive Officer Marty Raaymakers officially presented Devin Johnson, the company's fourth term, Thursday. Raaymakers announced his retirement shortly afterwards.

Raaymakers said, "I think there is only time for a change," he said. "Devin is much more than a MIG tradition."

The consulting company moved to Petroliya, then the streets of Christina and Maxwell, in Sarnia, about six decades ago, in a post-war environment. Raaymakers came in 1985 and will have an engineering career covering 47 years.

In the early 1990's, Lambton College graduate and one-time intern Johnson said he was confident that the company would build and maintain its reputation for entering the company's 60-year activity on Saturday.

According to Johnson, it's a big part of it. "We have very long-term relationships with our customers, and we always build relationships with those companies – they do not work for them, they work with them."

Over the last twenty years, the field has expanded for engineers, Johnson added. The rules accuse firms like MIG to pay more attention to security and the environment. Other wrinkle technology is rapidly changing.

"When I started all the projects, people still used pencils," laughed laughed. "We are doing more now with less people than we were 15 years ago."

Residents of Sarnia MIG Engineering Ltd. but may be familiar with the company's project: Chris Hadfield Airport Terminal, CN Rail tunnel and numerous pipeline projects around the province, several names.

The company also held consultations on valuable research for a major longitudinal railway corridor in Sarnia.

It will not be around when the company is officially turned into 60 in 2019, but will remain around the family in Sarnia and Lambton.

"There are a few other projects that are not related to the MIG and it will protect me from worries," he wrote.

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