Tuesday , January 31 2023

The man in the underground subtracts $ 10,000 in the designer's bag


NEW YORK – The Chanel bag, abandoned at the Manhattan subway station, has surpassed $ 10,000 for the man who found it.

Stopped when Richard Taverna was on the 66th Street West and saw a wallet by Broadway this week before a platform wall.

He wrote a blog on the West Side Rag online, inside it he saw only one paper with Russian writing.

On Thursday evening, at home, he found a $ 100 worth of 100 dollars to look closer.

The next morning, the Taverna bag was brought to the local police station. But first, put invoices on a table and snapped a picture.

Fortunately, a woman reported missing money to the police before leaving for Russia. When I return in January I'll wait for him.

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