Tuesday , January 31 2023

Tofino in the Dark: Fight Without Community Power


Many Tofino homes and businesses have been without electricity for two days, but the public spirits come together to shine.

BC Hydro teams are trying to restore their power after the city's darkness during a severe storm. According to Josef Osborne, Mayor of Tofino at 08.30 am Thursday.

Osborne says power has returned to some homes and hotels and at the same time the local population is doing the best of the difficult situation.

"We are a solid helper who helps each other and helps each other," Osborne said.

Unauthorized community holiday

Lil's Barbeque staff at Ronnie's Backyard was a perfect time to cook a free feast for electricity cuts.

The owner, Matt Oakes, realized that there was no way to spoil all the meat he had eaten, so the staff decided to stir up all this and make a feast for the crowd.

"Everyone's cooler down," Oakes said. "So it's a perfect solution to it."

Oakes said that 150 people had already come to dinner before 5 pm, and that more people are waiting for the sausage, foil and cherry Lil's Ronnies.

According to the Oakes, diners feel like a great way to give back a holiday to many locals and for her.

Tofino mayor Josie Osborne (left) and Ronnie Lee (right), the co-owner of the Rear Garden Barbeque of Lil & Co., held a public barbecue on Saturday. (Sent)

An extraordinary storm is waiting for you

According to Charles McDiarmid, director of the Wickanninish Inn company for the last two days, "the phenomenal & # 39; has been a review.

McDiarmid said, "The storm was full of action waiting for the cup."

Many people say that they are on the beach because it is safe to watch the collapse of large waves on the beach.

Wickanninish lost power on Thursday for about 18 hours, but McDiarmid's devices were dark in the restaurant, although the site generators kept their strength. Some guests dined with candy.

"Guests love it, they are very romantic," he said.

Some surfers also enjoy great waves that are stormed by the stormy weather.

According to Osborne, the storm conditions, experienced surfers, and usually the Tonquin Beach, located near the city, can usually be found on the beaches where the waves are inadequate.

Osborne is grateful to employees around the clock to get back the lights. According to him, hydroelectric power plants are trying to restore the power of the community.

BC Hydro spokesman Tanya Fish said Thursday that the wind storm is one of the heaviest storms that hit the province in 20 years.

According to the fish, 600,000 British Colombians lost their strength during the storm.

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