Wednesday , February 8 2023

Top stories: Pixel 3 DxO, Home Hub, more


In the best stories of this week: Google gets Pixel 3's official DXO account and is debated with many Google Home Hub tips, Android dark mode, new views, Android Pie updates, and more.

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One of the biggest stories of the past week was the DXO's calculation for Pixel 3 cameras. Google's smartphone cameras are among the best in the past few years, but there are 101 pixels on the Pixel 3, just 3 pc from OnePlus 6T and slightly less than the bronze in the iPhone XR.

It is particularly noteworthy in this test that the Pixel 3 is compatible with the iPhone XR for a total score. In comparison, the iPhone has an account for photographs and videos comparable to 103 and 96 and has captured the crown as the best lens phone ever before Pixel 3 has been released. This result leaves Pixel 5, according to overall results.

This week, Google has revealed that it will get an update to keep websites from the history of the Chrome browser to prevent users from returning.

There is a problem with the Internet, maybe we've encountered it. You are going to read an article on more and more web sites and find out what's not what you are looking for. Then, when using the return button nothing happens and you must click several times to actually leave it. Google's Chrome team called this "history manipulation" and set out a new solution to end it.

This week, Damien Wilde also reviewed Mobvoi's new Ticwatch C2. Although it is not a perfect smartwatch, especially for the price of $ 199, a solid Wear OS device has earned high ratings.

Huawei announced earlier this week that the Android Pie update will begin to expand. Some of Copenhagen's advanced smartphones are updated on the latest version of Android and are also on the clean EMUI 9.0 skin.

This week, Huawei has announced that the Android Pie update has begun to launch users across the globe on selective devices. Huawei has released this update on several previous devices, including Huawei Mate 10 / Pro and Huawei P20 / Pro last year. Honor Play, Honor View 10 and Honor 10 will be available in the near future.

We've looked at 15 tips and tricks for auxiliary speakers and screens, just as a new Google Home Hub and helper users launch their new device for Christmas next week. According to the relevant news report, Google has made a fun trip to the memory lane with Kevin McCallister, the "Home Repeat Home" advertisement.

This week, we set another dive for Android to build a steady nightmare. The short tutorial shows how the dark mode can be used wherever it is present, thanks to a few simple settings that have been cooked to Android Pie.

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