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Toronto Maple Leafs Musings: Adding Real Nylander to the rankings, making Braun a hire and a great squad for shopping


Though William Nylander has not completely found his way, Toronto Maple Leafs is now playing some of the best hockey.

Leafs fans can also watch Rasmus Sandin's World Youth, so it's a great time to be a fan of Toronto. Today's records will take a look at the team's further improvements.

Getting Real William Nylander will be a great addition to Leafs

Leaflets will give you a big boost when William Nylander As William Nylander begins to play again. When I say good, I see most of the Leafs fans trying to defend it, but there is no reason to bend the truth. He was the worst goal of Toronto in terms of goals scored this year, and he is an established scorer, so there is no reason to worry. He will never return to play with himself.

Nylander is in the "second goal", but after returning to 100%, Auston is forced to reunite with Matthews. In the past he struggled with Kadri and played with Matthews incredible degrees. This seems to be a definite decision, because it's better for Kapanen Kadir to get to the tough match when it comes to the playoffs.

Kapanen-Matthews-Nylander would be entertaining to play a line and it's easy to see how they succeeded, but Toronto's greatest competitive advantage is the ability to shoot three deadly lines. A strong, powerful zone is a threat to the entry threat, the terrorist attack on the prosecutor's office, and strong enough against the mafia against anyone. Since both teams can play, it should not be a problem to give him enough ice.

A Kadri-Kapanen duo needs to be a nightmare nightmare of Leafs. The upcoming teams will play a third match against a third in Toronto and I'm not sure if Marleau-Kadri-Brown will fully capitalize on a line. If you can not close Kadir's line, luck will try to beat Leafs.

TORONTO, ON-JANUARY 22: Toronto Maple Leafs, Frederick Gauthier # 33, is preparing to face Colorado Avalanche in the third quarter of Air Canada at Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 22, 2018. (Photo taken by Mark Blinch / NHLI through Getty Images)

Toronto's Fourth Line can continue to improve in operational conditions

Tyler Ennis scored an impressive clip and love the other scorer who hit the fourth line. I see it as a valuable asset on the fourth line before I start to distinguish it from its use and the attempt to fight. Corsi is an important stat, but the replacement is not a win.

The fourth line is pretty easy to compete against, but since the sale of Josh Leivo everything goes away. Ennis's team has the biggest hit attempt; Given their competitiveness, there is certainly a place to improve here.

Ennis remains in the scoring and his wing is not the key to gaining a win, but his linemates should help him, but Par Lindholm and Connor Brown are not exactly the same in the field. "It is difficult to have anything worrying about the fourth line, but can use a person who is specializing in winning back and puck protection.

They play along with Trevor Moore and Mason Marchment Marlies, and they stand on the disc for all shifts. It is difficult to watch them and think, "What happens if it is called?". Moore seems to be an NHL player every night especially. While it is difficult to get out of this year's version of Matthew Martin or Leo Comoros from the Toronto group, Leafs has serious options to discuss here.

TORONTO, ON-FEBRUARY 9: Toronto Maple Leafs awaits face to face with St Louis Blues during a NHL game at Connor Brown # 9, Toronto Canada, Canada, on February 9, 2017 at the Air Canada Center. Blues defeated Maple Leafs 2-1. (Photo by Claus Andersen / Getty Images)

Sell ​​Connor Brown for Rent in the Next Period

Everyone, including myself, says this quickly Connor Brown perfectly beautiful player. His contract is absolutely wonderful, but Trevor Moore looks good and Leafs wants to win $ 1.5M or more next season. I can help Moore Leafs and Tyler Ennis doubt the value of trading too, so Dubas might consider browsing the end of the year this year.

I do not want to give up for Wayne Simmonds for a few months, but I will give up the assistant Connor Brown, who will try Flyers next year. Underrated Mats Zuccarello is the first choice for this kind of action and there are Gustav Nyquist and Nick Jensen from Detroit.

Both Chris Krieder and Tyler Toffoli will be hit on the free agent market after 2019-2020, and many will say, "Leafs need no further progress," or the player will be a massive addition. Of course, it would be more expensive than Connor Brown, but of course it would be interesting. To justify it, I think that Braun is a perfect player, but it's worth it to know the value of trading.

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Andreas Johnsson returns to his old self

We all know Andreas Johnsson a slow start went a bit. While trying to prove himself, he did not help to reach a limited minute. He recently resembles the 2018 AHL playoff version and is a perfect addition to many of Torontoun's best players. In a group with prominent centers and right wings, he must think that he is in paradise.

Johnsson plays a heavy style in the attack zone and is a talented player in dirty areas. It is faster and more aggressive to maintain the value of defense and to compete with the highest competition, and it is a cunning enough to capture itself in terms of zone entries. Johnsson-Tavares-Marner line looked fantastic on Thursday against the Florida Panthers; I want to have a player who scored another goal for Marner.

Hyman is a solid participant, but not obviously a striker. He has strong figures in the contrast of a regular shot attempt, and I would like to see him somewhere else if he believes it to be remarkable in this area. I'm sure that Tavares really needs a different help with the intentional attempt and Hyman is in line with Matthews and Nylander in the past. And I think Hyman's good relationships with Ennis will help me to create a high-level fourth line, but I do not expect Babcock to use it there. I would like to see a better scoring game with two 40+ assist players, but Johnsson seems to be round enough to play just about everywhere.

Take a look at Nick Jensen at the start of your trading history

Everyone wants it Alex Pietrangelo and Colton Paraykobut who knows what can be achieved at a reasonable price. The more realistic "Plan B" option is Detroit Red Wings & # 39; Nick Jensen, factoring this year by playing Danny DeKeyser and killing with a severe punishment in great moments. He could finish Morgan Rielly or Jake Gardiner on the right and did not get to the election in the first place.

The next question is: Who will be queued? Nikita Zaitsev plays for a few minutes, and he has signed for another five seasons, so Leafs want to lower their trading value even further. The most likely candidate is Igor Ojiganov, but his love plays well all season, so the fourth major tension is going on. If Jensen comes and Dermott is playing for a third time pairing, I'm not sure if the update will be too much.

Jensen is not a very scorer, and it can be quite reasonable to get it. If Leafs loves his game, it should be cheaper enough to expand. There are not many good defenders present at present, as Toronto's front office should focus on an assessment of Jensen's DeCaire's best four-minute performance.

This is for this week. Toronto, Maple Leaf Avenue, Rasmus Sandin, Ian Scott, Pontus Holmberg and Filip King are interested in creating an impression on the World Youth Championships.

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