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Toronto police safety alert after five sex offenses near the University of York


Toronto police have issued security warnings for the last two months after being sexually assaulted by five women near the University of York. The police said they were worried about the increasing frequency and severity of attacks.

"Events originating from the beginning (Thursday), they led to violence," said Rah. Domenik Sinopoli told reporters at a press conference on Friday.

"There is a crackdown on women who are attacking women from their wives, and I did not know that some of these incidents could have happened through robbery, or that it was sexual intimacy."

The latest incident took place at 9:25 on Thursday. A 30-year-old woman is on the 31st Four Winds near Finch Ave. near the suspect followed. W. and Sentinel Rd. The suspect threatened with a knife, stole a cell phone and assaulted the police, the police said.

Only 15 minutes ago, a 30-year-old woman went home from the Finch West station. 23 Four Winds That Reported That the Police "Violently" Attacked

The head of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit, Sinopoli, said that women were unconscious.

"When he got into his consciousness, he forced him into a complex and sexually harassed, and the victim fled the suspect."

The attacks on Thursday night took place several minutes after the Toronto police warned them of the first three attacks.

On Wednesday, at 9:30, a 22-year-old woman went on a road north of Finch Ave. W. approaches the Fountainhead Park near Sentinel Rd. A man approached the victim from behind, stabbed his throat and assaulted the police, the police said. The suspect took the woman's phone and headphones.

About two months ago, on October 31, at 8:20, we walked north of the Fountainhead Park near a 22-year-old woman, Cook and Sentinel Rds. A man approached from behind, grabbed him and attacked the girl, the police said.

On October 24, at 7:30, a woman walks near the 20-year-old Murray Ross Pkwy. and Sentinel Rd, as well as in the north of Fountainhead Park, when a man caught him behind and sexually assaulted, the police said.

In all five cases, women were able to escape from their freedom.

Police also investigate a suspected robbery.

On December 10, a woman sat in a park near the tennis courts at 455 Sentinel Rd. Near Fountainhead Park, the man approached and began to talk to him. She left, but then the woman approached her and grabbed her. After a short struggle, he took his bag.

The police will not comment on whether the students were attacked this year at York University, but Sinopoli said the police had contacted the school and worked together on this issue.

The researchers described the suspect as a black man, aged between 18 and 25, between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10, with weak, short black hair and thick lips.

Anyone with additional information will be contacted anonymously by Criminal Investigators at 416-808-7474 or 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Sinopoli warned members of the community to take additional measures while on the way to the area and said there are many burning roads and varnishes, such as the Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail.

Sinopoli said, "We do not want members of the public to be aware and aware of the environment," he said. "People often get embarrassed by their phones or listen to music while walking, and they will not hear anyone approaching."

York University has a history of attacks on its campus or neighborhood.

In July-October 2000, predators attacked at least seven women in the university territory. Most of the attacks were on the isolated roads of the school Keele campus. In 2001, Philip Foremsky, called the "York University Rapporteur," was sentenced to five years in prison.

In 2006, two young Yorkers attacked Sentinel Rd in November. and Murray Ross Parkway Area. A third person was arrested for sexual assault.

In the 2007 Pork week, two people entered the six-room room on different floors of York Vanier College. They attacked the two women, who were 19 years old, with their door locked. Both entered at least six rooms. They tried to attack a third woman. Daniel Katsnelson was sentenced to eight years in prison, and Justin Connor was sentenced to three years in prison.

The student was attacked in January 2008 and was subjected to sexual assault. Police said the attack occurred in a jewelry estate in the College of Founders.

In 2019, a 20-year-old student was sexually assaulted by three people in April. He was attacked when many students went to their home in southern California on an area known as Keele St and Finch Ave. W.

A series of attacks took place in 2011: On 5 April, a student was attacked by three men on the edge of Campus Absinthe Pub. A week later, another Qian Liu, a 23-year-old Chinese visa officer, was attacked in Bodrum basement near York and found an alert in his gate several hours after looking through his webcam with his Chinese comrade. 29-year-old Brian Dickson was charged with a first-class murder. On May 5, another student reported being sexually assaulted at Seneca @ York.

After intensive research from student groups, in 2010, President Mamdouh Shouxri conducted an independent study of campus security. The publicly available research includes a number of recommendations for the development of school safety services and the improvement of the social environment.

The strategy also introduced Canadian Forces and former navy commander Richard Franckey to oversee "campus services and business operations."

Francki still stays in position.

In 2013, Toronto Life said the school increased its annual security budget by $ 1.5 million and installed bright LED lamps along the edges of the campus and announced more emergency phones.

With files from Liam Casey and Raveena Aulakhdan

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