Tuesday , January 31 2023

Trump, after the recent upsurge, discusses that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's shooting


At the beginning of this year, Trump's advisers questioned the president if Powell had been dismissed, and that he would be able to give her a legitimacy. However, after reopening the Fed interest rate this week, Trump has renewed the issue.

So far, the White House did not come to the final final judgment on the authority of the Fed Chairman to fire a year ago. The law states that the president could lead the federal federal governor, but the president did not check on the ceasefire.

Top West Wing's economic advisers warned that Powell was trying to solve the problem of the president only with the launch of Trump: nasal diving markets. An unprecedented move can create more confusion.

Bloomberg first reported Trump's latest hearts with Powell.

CNN said earlier that Trump's worry is the establishment of the economy because of a warning of a global slowdown. In the days when the market fell to double figures, Trump asked him if he could hold him guilty. Many told him he was supposed to.

For the past two years, the strength of the US economy has been widespread in the White House because of a series of Whipsaw markets and steep dives, due to high-ranking officials in which strong security is at the forefront of political crises.

As Trump faces new vulnerability, the Democrats are now under investigation – as the Democrats are preparing to take control of the House, the economy is now hundreds of years old, with many White House officials and Trump's neighbors, despite increasing salaries and increasing wages and low unemployment.

Volatility comes after a few disappointments in General Motors' last month's decision to plant plants in Ohio and Michigan – the Trump voters who have deepened their hearts in the heart of the MAGA nation, dropped out of the Democrats.

Trump's trade war with China has created a mixed political outcome, along with the reductions in Trump's loyalty style. Speaking to him, he advised him to make a decision on Wall Street with Beijing, but the markets were demolished after resuming the threat of increased tariffs in the markets unless ongoing negotiations broke fruit.

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