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Wellness trends 2019: How will you look at your health next year?



December 23, 2018, Sunday, 2:29 PM EST

Last Updated Sunday, December 23, 2018 2:33 PM EST

New Year's Eve Many of us are planning to set new healthy resolutions. Looking at our happiness, it's becoming more and more united experience, not just diet and fitness, but also the use of mental health, natural and ecologically clean products, and time for relaxation and relaxation. It will be big in 2019.

Switch to plastic-friendly choices

After becoming aware of environmental hazards, plastics release will be one of the major trends in 2019. Many other studies in the past are also linked to other health problems due to exposure to phthalates in plastic bottles and containers, fertility problems, pregnancy complications, and other hormones deterioration that can affect the health and health of our planet. Some have already begun to switch from plastic bottles to reusable options, as companies like Whole Foods will focus on next year to reduce plastic packaging, preferring more environmentally friendly options. In the UK, it is also planned to ban plastic buds, cotton buds and single-use plastics throughout the country since 2019.

Increased interest in cannabis-based products

With the laws of the United States spreading into the UK, legitimate medical marijuana and, of course, the Canadian entertainer's mystery, more and more people turn into fir-tree products that are given to more cannabis and cannabis plants, their health. Those who have many conditions such as sclerosis and epilepsy, THC, which causes "high" products such as cannabiside oil or CBD oil, work for a secretive chemical that does not have the effect of THC. Massage can be applied to the skin to benefit from certain pain-free features or certain oral conditions. For those who do not want to smoke, cannabis can also be eaten in water to make tea. Many beauty products also blend with anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturizing ingredients.

Raising more sustainable alternative consumption

Plant-based meals have been one of the biggest diet trends over the last few years, and this does not show signs of deceleration. While many continue to abandon meat due to animal persecution, this year, plant-based diets have done a lot of work not only to increase our health, but also to accelerate the trend and to help climate change concerns. As we know more plant-based alternatives in the coming year, we will be able to avoid other meat and use other alternative sources, such as wrong meats grown in the laboratory. Impossible Burger has been designed exclusively from herbal based ingredients and is designed to cook, smell and taste like real meat, and now there are now over-the-air patties, Burger Beyond has recently come to the UK's Tesco supermarkets, while restaurants in the US already exist. Meanwhile, creepy crawlies can also go to our daily diet, with the UK supermarket Sainsbury becoming the country to start selling insect insects that are used as a faster and more protein-filled meat.

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