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What happened to Meghan Marc's dog, Bogart? Why Did not Duchess Bring England When It Move?


Meghan Markle is a mystery that is a dog lover. After all, during his first meeting (Prince Harry tried to do for several years), he was able to win the queen's knight several times. After Prince Harry, Sussex Duchess, and one of his dogs, Guy beagle moved from Toronto to London. However, was Meghan Markle's dog, Bogart? He could not bring his first dog to his side, from where it was now.

Meghan Markle dogs Meghan Markle claims that "dog remains a scandal" as the dogs claim Instagram via Meghan Markle

What happened to Meghan Marc's dog, Bogart?

The new royal life of Meghan Markle meant sadness to one of his loyal friends: the first dog Bogart. Sasseks's Duchess had to make a heartfelt decision to leave her beloved poo in Toronto after immigrating to England. Bogart was allegedly too old to act and feared that Meghan Markle would have a negative impact on his life, so he wanted a friend to take him.

Today, he is still living in Toronto and we are confident that the duchess will touch his new owner (and will be visiting at any time).

Meghan Markle dog, Bogart

Although later living with Meghan Markle, Bogart is likely to have a special place in the heart of the Duchess. After all, he is the first dog and the reason he chose to accept dogs today. In the future, we share his arguments with the end of the transformation of Bogart's life, first of all to Meghan Markle's dog.

Ellen DeGeneres Meghan Markle was sure to accept her

The story of Megan Markl's acceptance of Bogart is quite crazy and very Hollywood. I've been to LA and went to save this dog [shelter] and they took him and his brother. " Best Health In 2016, "I saw him and sat down with him and then went to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, but now I'm not, but Ellen goes" Is your dog? "I said," No, "and he & # 39; The dog should take it & # 39; and I said that & # 39; I've decided & # 39; he & # 39; s saying, "Get dog dogs!" Like, Oprah tells you to do something, "he said.

"I'm sitting there and sitting down there," he said, "do you think that you have a name for her? "And I said," Yes, I'll call it Bogart, "and he said," You take the dog in the house. He goes out to enter his car, but instead he turns around and touches the glass window and says, "Take it!" he begged, and I brought him home. Ellen said to me, "he said.

It is a mixture of Labrador-Shepherd

He is not convinced that Meghan Markle believes in dog, Bogart Labrador-Shepherd. Compared to pictures from Instagram, it's now a good idea of ​​its low probability. Dogs, Labrador and Shepherd have similar properties.

Guy was the best friend with beagle

According to her interview Best HealthBogart and Guy once were "raised as thieves". But now they live in different countries, and Bogart can not travel abroad (or otherwise move in camp), probably more than ever see each other.

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