Friday , February 3 2023

A question that worries Maria Luisa Godoy: Karen points to Doggenweiler


This Saturday, Mega released a new episode of “Digital Sins” andSteles led by Javiera Contador and Yerko Puchento.

And on this occasion, guests at the venue were Yazmin Vasquez, Pollo Castillo, Jordi Castell and María Luisa Godoy.

In fact, he was the last to take part in a few conversations on the show. For example, he revealed a passionate joke: his follower sent him a hot video via social networks.

Of course, this wasn’t the only situation where Gunaydin, who had to face some intimate questions about her hits on “Everyone’s Channel”, was the protagonist of Everyone’s Animator.

Maria Luisa Godoya question

“Why do you think TVN chose you over Karen Doggenweiler to revive the Vina Festival?” (Godoy revived the competition with Martín Cárcamo in 2019 and 2020) “the animator was asked.

“It’s something I ask myself every day! If it is the best! Kiss Karen Sylvia! Godoy laughs, though a little worried.

In addition, Carola consulted with Escobar and animation in the morning. “Did that bother you?” They asked.
He hurried to answer “No, nothing” before moving on to the next dynamics of the program.

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