Monday , February 6 2023

Acquisition of a hot water bath, according to the PlayFM study, burns the same calorie for 30 minutes


The team of researchers has determined that these baths will help control blood pressure and improve the immune system.

Are you a great admirer for a run? A group of researchers at the English Loughborough University announced the results of a study that gave you good news.

The researchers tried to check the benefits they could obtain hot water bath and they found it "80% increase in energy costs as a result of sitting in the bathroom for just one hour" according to physiologist Steve Faulkner.

The expert said the BBC was taken to the bathroom with hot water to burn only half an hour The same calories as a 30-minute walk. However, this is not much more than a clock cycling on average 630 calories during the work.

But these baths would have other health benefits. Faulkner said he helped prevent the type 2 diabetes regulates blood sugar levels. They also keep blood pressure and improve the immune system.

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