Monday , February 6 2023

An asteroid that forms as hypopotamus and approaches the earth


The heavenly object has been extended approximately 1.6 kilometers long.

NASA acquired unique images of the 2003 SD220 asteroid, which would approach the world this Saturday, and revealed that the body of the sky was a hippopotamus.

The asteroid will be "close" to our planet 2.9 million reliable distance what will happen after a kilometer nearly the closest More than 400 years on earth.

Thanks to the radar images obtained by three giant NASA antennas mounted on different parts of the United States, the length of the rock body is about 1.6 kilometers long and "hippopotamus wading in a river"It was seen from the air.

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In 2003, the SD220 had a rotation cycle,very slow"It's about a 12-day rotation axis," he said. "These new details will allow us to see how these small objects are built and how they will be understood over time," the US space agency's scientists said.

In a few hundred years, a terrible asteroid will approach the Earth 62 times

Asteroid was discovered in 2003 and potentially classified as hazardous by the size and the expected approach of our planet. However, new data indicate that there is no danger of exposure to Earth for NASA completion.

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