Wednesday , February 8 2023

An error in Google Chrome prevents Windows 10 PCs



If there is anything about the browser complaining about users Google Chrome, performance problems. Great RAM consumption and sometimes using excessive CPU. Now it's something –bad It's the usual performance of Chrome & it's something else new failure direct access prevent a PC With the Windows 10 operating system, using 100% CPU. Problems are exploited scam wrong technical support.

The problem is the basis of one use JavaScript code creating a load loop; An effective user about it can not close the section whether this malicious code works or not Connect your web browser the only option on a regular basis is to stop Google Chrome from running Task Manager Windows 10 or later Turn off the PC to prevent the loop from continuing to work in JavaScript.

So use Google Chrome for this work

We're in a URL that exploits this Google Chrome's failureAs users we will find one dialog box we said we saw our computer is affected by a virus. This is not true, but in the message they rely on us and at the same time make clear that they can be affected by us. passwordOur browsing history, credit card information, and other personal information. Undoubtedly, a fake warning to the user. And though we are working close the box we choose to have a dialogue and not to show it again Enter a bump Re-enter URL.

The problem is that JavaScript is the cause of this malicious code CPU 100%; we can not do absolutely nothing. As we said before, it's just a choice close by hand Complete the Web Browser from the Task Manager or the computer completely. However, we must be careful about these two measures I do not recover Chrome marks on re-opening web browser.

Written by Carlos González

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