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Ante las Chivas for Copa Libertadores in 2006


In Instagram, Suazo brought Colo Colo's podium to a dance that would end with a tetracampeonato and South America starting from the Claudio Borghi era.

On 6 January 2006, Colo Colo opened the way to Claudio Borghi, and in a few days I would begin to manage the games. Copa Libertadores' first stage (or repechaje) and was ahead of Chivas de Guadalajara.

The first leg in the monumental was set off in 3-1 Omar Bravo (x2), Ramon Morales and Colo Colo strike Matías Fernández.

But it would be much more difficult to get back: the Bicker was defeated by 5-3, leaving the racers early. At the same time, he will be the fourth champion and the beginning of a successful history at the South American Cup final.

A man who knows about these meetings is Humberto Suazo. Chupete actually brought this final outcome of Libertadores 2006, but he rarely remembers, this Established in Equilo Jalisco 3-3.

A game that started by Arturo Sanxueza and attended by young Jorge Valdivia. Instagram and expression "One of the best goals of my career" Shared the goal with the followers.

Review Chupete Suazo's goal against Chivas:

The summary of that meeting was as follows:

They also attended the meeting Claudio Bravo, Celso Ayala, David Henriquez, Andres Gonzalez, Luis Mena, Miguel Aceval, Jose Luis Jerez, Fernando Meneses, Gonzalo Fierro and Hector Mancilla; in addition to the aforementioned Suazo and Fernandez.

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