Monday , October 3 2022

"Avengers 4": The Movie Can Take More Than Three Hours Lights | Movie theater


The premiere of the film "Avengers 4"Still far from sticking to the card, however, his fans can not with craving and seek some secrets.

Following the success achieved by Marvel Studios to "Avengers 3"Their directors did not want to reveal much, but they gave information on how long the sequel might last.

This question was answered by director Joe Russo, who offered Instagram a live Q & A.

"The duration of the & # 39;Avengers 4 & # 39; Right now it's three hours away, so we'll see if it's staying, but it's three hours at the moment, "Russo explained.

So far, this is the only clear information for all fans of "Avengers 4"Remember that before, directors Joe and Anthony Russo sat down with Collider's website to talk about the project and it was where you both said that if it had to take 3 hours, that would be.

"I would say it could easily be a three-hour film, but I think we know we are very hard on the material, we want to play at a certain pace, I'm sure we'll push it," said Joe. "I think it will be more than the 3", said Anthony.

May is missing much and at the same time very little and needed Marvel Studios He has a clear plan for the film, which is still working. So, video has not yet been shown. "Avengers 4"will reach the big screen on May 3, 2019.

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