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Basay after the wrestling of the Chilean Cycle Championship with Palestine: "This triumph is for the entire colony" | Football


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His coach Palestino, Ivo Basay, He appreciated this Saturday after having won the Copa Chile 2018 title after overtaking the final Audax Italiano, although it was clear that we are pointing out that you need to quickly change the chip to work on the goal of maintaining the class.

At the moment when he referred to this crown, the Chilean Cup's third club after 1975 and 1977, Hueso pointed out that "there are moments and moments. These types of moments are not transferable on time. From Monday we have to think of the championship. We will have the chance to play the Supercopa and the Libertadores. It's wonderful Take advantage today, enjoy, why they won it. "

In addition, the former striker stressed the tradition of his pupils. "There were players who had to penetrate like Farías." The "magician" could not train, I'm very happy, proud of what they did, they deserve it, it's a fair reward, this triumph is for the entire colony and, above all for the players. "

In a brief analysis of the rematch in La Cisterna, which ended with a 3-2 triumph, Basay said that "at 2-0 we have to stay calm, we made a lot of mistakes, sometimes unnecessary, we kept calm, we reduced the lines. were corrected and the driver got a goal that gave us a lot of peace. I am very happy and proud of the team we have to guide.

Finally, with regard to his work and the responsibility he deserves in this title, Colo Colo's exDT, Santiago Wanderers and üblense stated that "there is no one who can achieve something without being strict on the professional side. You need to know when to laugh and when to work. We have a small leg left. The two matches that are coming are very complicated. We have the ability to depend on us. "

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