Monday , February 6 2023

Before the possible apology of Camilo Catrillanca's father Carabineros: This is a joke National


This weekend, Marcelo CatrillancaCaribineros's new CEO, Mario Rozas, suggested that his family be forgiven after the abuses that occurred in this case.

From this point of view Catrillans said that the police could not be accepted and the proposal seemed to be a "joke."

"This is a joke (…) How can you say that you want to go to the community … We can not accept it, nor do we want the public to apologize", La Tercera slogan.

In this sense, Catrillanca explained that Carabineros would not apologize until they had withdrawn from their community.

"Carabineros does not apologize until it's released, and they have to say a gesture:" Look, in three months, Pailahueque carabinieri will retire ".

"They say they are blaspheming, they apologize, and apologize if the state and Carabineros have no action," he said.

One of his first debates, Carabineros's new CEO, Mario Rozas, said the situation would need to emerge, and Camilo Catrillanca's father would apologize.

"I invite you to your father and family … (…) If I had my authority and wish the situation would be forgiven, I wish to forgive," he said.

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