Wednesday , February 1 2023

33-year-old Anna and Lucy De Cinque, a 33-year-old Australian, are known for their social networking that they are "the world's most similar".

However, his popularity in recent days is due to the fight against the laws of the ocean, not just the images uploaded to Instagram.

Because both of them have been identified with the same person for six years as Ben Byrnes and want to take the next step: marry their partner lover.

"Yes, we share a partner and want to get married soon, but the Australian law tells us what we can do next?" Those girls wrote "Mirror" at the Australian television show.

Women reported that many people wanted to be with them and wanted to consider them a trophy, so when they met people, they felt good both for themselves and for those who worked mechanically. "We must be convinced that we like it before we agree to meet him," they said.

Perhaps, "Anna kisses me then kisses me, and when we get out, she takes us," Lucy said.

"We all sleep together, but not like a trio, because we do not interact with each other, some say this is disgusting, but it works for us," he said.


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