Monday , February 6 2023

Catrillanca: Luis Mayol and Felipe Kast sent "confrontation" photos by the general


Retired Gen. Andrés Gallegos, former head of the Ninth Police Division in La Araucanía, handed over images of former mayor Luis Mayol and Senator Felipe Castus, who point to the alleged confrontation before the murder of Camilo Catrillanca.

According to Gallegos's approximately 8 photos on November 14, the ballistic effects of the Carabineros Jungle Command were 4×4 RAM trucks, and according to a police report, the previous conflict occurred in the Temucuicui community. This was the first version of the old form

Talking to Radio Bio Bio, former intimate Luis Mayol confirmed that these images were delivered to him by General Gallegos, one of the ten senior officials called for retreat after Hermes Soto Isla.

"This information was sent to me by General Gallegos, and I was responsible for the region's head, so I have to inform what happened," said Luis Mayol, radio Bio Bio.

The drawings depicted by Gallegos are the basis of the controversial statements of Luis Mayole, who finished his work at La Araucanía.

In the same situation, La Araucanía, who was confident that Carabineros had faced an armed band within the Temucicui de Ercilla community, took the life of a senator from Felipe Kast Evopoli.

Felipe Kast told Radio Bio Bio that these drawings were distributed around Luis Mayol several hours after Mapuche's death.

"Unfortunately, we believe in the original version of Carabineros, especially this week, and I imagine myself directly from the Carabinieri source, including pictures from the region, including Intendente Mayol."

Both Mayol and Caste have a sense of suspicion and regret for the information provided by retired Gen. Andrés Gallegos.

The latter, General Cristian Franzani, who serves as one of the highest reputations of Carabineros's Carabineros, has now testified to the prosecutor's office as a witness to the Catrillanic case.

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