Wednesday , February 1 2023

Chinese transport Cosco wants to overcome Maersk and dominate the world


It is no secret that Cosco's superiority over Maersk and the name of the world's largest shipping company. The Chinese company wants to dominate the world and its intentions should not be taken lightly. It is much better to be more aware of a simple desire.

Maritime industry is a matter of survival for a long-term economic collapse between mergers and acquisitions between China State Maritime Shipping and Chinese Ocean Transportation. However, Cosco ended up being more effective in managing its own maritime business.

Over the past two years, Cosco's investment and expansion has shown its relevance and relevance to its plans. However, in order to understand the scope of ambitions, it is necessary to follow the ship's movement from a wider perspective.

Help Beijing

His long-term goal may be of greater importance when he declares his intention to be superior to Cosco Maersk. With the financial support of the Chinese government, the cargo ship company shares its commitment to the Asian power to become the world's leading economic force. Of course, Cosco's growth potential is huge, and the world's largest markets have your feet.

The shipping company moves slowly but surely. This year, the OOCL was awarded third place in the ranking of the largest shipping companies behind Maersk and MSC. After this operation, more than half of the ships and the Ocean Union's TEU (Unit 20 feet) were under control, and strengthened their power in the alliance.

On the other hand, Cosco continues to expand its presence in Europe, proving that the Zeebrugge terminal in Belgium has been reached by the shipping company of the country's second largest port.

This step has highlighted the first strategic entry of the Chinese shipping company in northwestern Europe, although we have been looking at a larger scale of action, just the last of a series of sales in Europe in recent years. A small piece of Beijing's big project that aims to physically close Asia and Europe. In fact, China is estimated at about 10% of the total European port.


As the next steps are taken, the shipping company faces a challenge by choosing a path that can continue its strategic vision. Due to the support of the Chinese government, their financial options are scaring, and one of the alternatives will lead to investment strikes. But the main issue is: can we protect this path?

Because investing and getting another benefit is something. Over the past decade shipping companies have invested heavily in boosting shipbuilding. Later, we witnessed the difficulty of completing large new ships in the industry. In short, investing in a potential that did not meet the demand was invested.

This problem, which continues to affect all major transport companies, is no stranger to Cosco. Though you are looking for investment efforts at sea and rail terminals or new sources of income, there are still some obstacles to overcoming.

In all safety, Maersk and MSC will not leave their positions without any duty. Cosco could have checked two major shipping companies around the world, but both giants are in the spotlight of the Chinese operator.

Maersk knows exactly what's next. Despite the fact that the merchant is not the first to protest, Cosco poses a more serious threat to its financial power, especially in support of it. Maersk has traditionally been a great force to think about moving industries around the world. And he will not give up and give up on it without coincidence.

Friends and competitors

Before approaching his goal, Cosco still has to cross the front of another major opponent and Maersk's 2M alliance. While MSC's shipping company has been moving closer to Maersk, it has done a tough job to reach its current position and has undergone major changes over the past decade. There is no doubt that Denmark will try to reach the giant.

There are many obstacles to Cosco's commitment to world leadership in the political arena. Faced with the economic domination of the country, it is necessary to consider possible blockades by countries that might limit trade relations with China. The current trade war equation, which can be one of the biggest obstacles to Cosco's advantage, is added to the equation. At the end of the day, we talk about a shipping company that prefers the most uncertainty moments in a route that lives on.

The last pitch to face in the rise of Cosco is cybersecurity. Cosco and Maersk have demonstrated the weakness of large shipping companies' systems. Therefore, anyone who wants to become the world's largest shipping company should invest in their security systems, and the name will become one of the most coveted targets for cybercrime.

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