Wednesday , February 8 2023

Coihueco's body was investigated in July as missing


An 8-year-old pregnant woman, 39-year-old woman, has been a member of a younger family on July 8, 2010, in the Las Pataguas sector of Coihueco, a corpse lying in the waters of Coihueco.

After that Carabineros, Bomberos, the Ministry of Public Security and the Investigative Police participated in a police operation.

The community was a depth of about 50 centimeters in the north of Coihueco River already monitored By civilian and uniformed police teams.

Articles the state where the body is The prosecutor immediately prevented Ingrid Urrutiani from telling a woman or a person about the fingerprints, and fingerprints.

The relatives of the missing woman were present at the court hearing and prosecuted by the prosecutor.

The prosecutor explained that the body sent to Concepción's Legal Medical Service for receiving DNA tests allows your identity.

The fringe pants coated on the slope would be the main hint in this case because it would have been said that Idamia would leave her home because of one of her close friends.

While the Ministry of Public Health or the PDI can prove to be women, expert reports that the body will be subjected to and the genetic samples of the DNA should be presented, approximately for a period 15 to 20 days.

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