Tuesday , January 31 2023

Defender Sergio Vittor: "He wants to play"


Chilean University Until 2019, the squad is under construction and one of the most promising spots to defend is Argentine defender Sergio Vittor. The key messages that Frank Kudelka wants.

The player's representative, Horacio Juregui, also disclosed the former Concepción University who wanted to come to Blues. "Some cases are opened by all parties and progress is made. It is seriously debated and we hope U can defend everything with Racing (the owner of the club where the defender is passing) "said El Mercurio & # 39; s comments.

With the approval of Rafael VazUniversidad de Chile needs an expertise center and is therefore one of Kudelka's compliments to Campanile's former defender.

"He (Sergio Vittor) wants to play Universidad de Chile"Juregui added about the player who wants to come through the credit with the purchase option.

Escudo / Bandera U. de Chile

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