Monday , March 20 2023

Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero


The exchange rate closed at $ 679.6, which is a fall of $ 0.25 compared to yesterday's closing.

After the sharp fall in the $ 17 gold yesterday in Chile, the British currency closed despite the fall in copper and the strengthening of the North American currency worldwide.

The exchange rate ended at $ 679.6, which is low at $ 0.2 on the closure of yesterday.

At the international level, the expectation reigns. And it is that the average elections are currently held in the United States, where over 80% of the Congress is renewed.

While polls indicate that the House could be dominated by Democrats, which some see as a threat to market reforms leading the Donald Trump government, there is still much uncertainty about the effect it would have on the economy.

In this context, emerging currencies operate in a few movements, while the total value of the dollar, measured by of the Dollar Index, rose slightly.

For the case of Chile, a new fall in the price of copper, which is currently losing ground in London, could also affect the day.

Although the Chinese government has recently committed to mitigating the effects of the war, investors in the metal markets are still worried about its impact on the demand for minerals from the world's largest consumer.

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