Tuesday , January 31 2023

Down to 3 fierce arrests Carabineros


The first dismissal of the carabineros occurred at the time of Mario Roosey as CEO. Colonel Raul Solis, chief of Maipo's Colonel, described as "unlawful constraints and excessive use of force", about three soldiers killed in a severe attack on social networks.

General Rozas said to El Mercurio, "With the same force that explains all the positive things Carabineros has, my carabinieri will deny me if it goes beyond the normative legal framework".

Then he emphasized, "This is an indication of my line: all my objections to my carabineros are to support all the legitimate support and good coping practices."

The event was celebrated in Feria de Matte at 11:00 pm yesterday. The cops came to the motorbike and the chariot. He was beaten on the ground by a dog and ended up with an accusation. There is also an estimated shot in the video.

"This procedure takes place at 11.00 am and has agreed to a phone with a person who has not been identified on the phone, and there is a person on the ground and he decides to check the identity of the staff and this unwelcome fact begins," Colonel Solis said.

"When a dog comes on a motorcycle spot when a dog tries to bite a police officer, and carabinier reacts impeccably, throws his dog on the floor, and obviously this is a fact we already know."

He later admitted, "Carabineros has begun to use excessive force and abuse of power, and this is definitely condemned by Carabineros de Chile, and sharp measures have been taken with the cadres and will be dismissed from Carabineros in the next few hours."

"There is a disproportionality of employer means, we have a definitive condemnation, no one is in violation of the fundamental rights of the people, and there is a process of administrative investigation in order to determine any criminal and administrative responsibilities in the prosecution."

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