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Dragon Ball Super | Akira Toriyama shows that she does not love her job and is starting a new job


Articles Skip to Festa, this year (an event organized by the Shueisha publishing house in Japan, a manga and anime) this year Akira Toriyama did not have a stake, author Dragon Ballas in the tradition of its delivery; Instead of personally speaking, Toriyama sent a signed statement to read to the public. The author noted that he does not appear personally it does not just want to talk about the publicShe also expressed her self-esteem in preparing the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly and as a painter to a future gown. After that, we bring you the translation of your statement.

Dear everyone I've been to Akira Toriyama. I really must be there to greet myself, but I do not like to be on the stage because I apologize for sending this message. (…)

The movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" was released only. This is the third animated movie that I'm really interested in. After a while ago manga was serialized, I was very busy, I did not have any involvement in animations, but maybe now I have more free time and before I knew it, I was involved in a tough world production. Although the animation says this, it was the only thing I did history, dialogue and designs; Those who really struggled were those who were responsible for transforming all of them into a movie. The film seems successful for them.


For all children who are the heart of a child and who understand children's heart, watch and excitement for the movie. Personally, I think that Dragon Ball deals only with wars, it's not entirely sincere, so much to love; But for some reason, this funny and mysterious job is exciting when thinking about a story.

Now I am older and old, but also they are there are new ideas for my next job. Let's meet again in my future work.

Akira Toriyama

(Source Reddit / Twitter)

The fans are discussing this "new job" of tracking Dragon Ball Super or a new season for a new manga. Obviously, the Japanese writer comes back to action and enjoys a lot of different fans.

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