Wednesday , October 5 2022

Encased in Obesity



With surprise and concern, we have seen Chile lead to Latin America rates of obesity and overweight in adults, children and the elderly.

A recent report has set our country as a leader in obesity with regard to the female population. For these latest data there may be several genotypical explanations, such as the fact that the body of a woman has a higher fat content and therefore is metabolically less active than that of man.

Children's case of obesity is worrying because it is our future and we are omitting how we prepare them for the development of their lifestyle.

With regard to the weight of children, Chile is the first country in the OECD in childhood obesity. As a country it is estimated that 90% of the population is sedentary, which means that few of our children play on the street or in the parks, they almost do not do physical activity and that physical activity they do in schools is inadequate.

To this is added the choice of children's food: most are "highly elaborated". While many are "without seals," they do not have vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that 70% of the vitamin D generation source is sun exposure? Being outdoors is free and children and older adults have deficiencies between 70 and 90% of this vitamin. This shows that we are locked in obesity.

We urgently need to create more space for outdoor development, enjoy the sun (taking care of the skin) and improve our choice of food to get out of this constraint.

Gonzalo Costa L.
School of Nutrition and Dietetics
Finis Terrae University

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