Thursday , June 30 2022

Exclusion in prisons is maintained: gendarmes in unemployment do not exclude radicalization of mobilization | National


Delays in formal drafting hearings, the postponement of some tests when the accused can not be presented, and problems in receiving prisoners at the Justice Center are part of the impact of the the blockade made by gendarmerie officers for the national strike that began early on Monday morning.

Mobilization received a 98% attachment to employees of five guild guards, nearly 20,000 employees, so the balance on the first day was positive, stressing that there is "unity" in continuing to push for a solution to their demands.

A request with requires a nominal "historical", such as improving formal careers, incentives for retirement and reimbursement of pension rights.

Front Workers Front representative, Marcos Aburto, did not rule out radicalization of mobilization if you do not reach positions in the government.

The blockade caused by officials in prisons no prisoner can enter or leave prison, which has had consequences in particular on the planned trials and the Justice Center.

This was expressed by lawyers and relatives of defendants or victims.

While Supreme Court President Haroldo Brito said the strike "Undoubtedly it produces disturbances" in judicial proceedings, their main concern is the right of the people deprived of freedom. Therefore, he stressed that there are various functions to minimize the impact of the movement.

However, government spokesman Cecilia Pérez, He called unemployment "illegal" and invited officials to resume work as soon as possible, ensuring that they keep their doors open to restart the work table.

Words from the spokesman have provoked discomfort to ANEF President Carlos Insunza, who there is no interest in the Executive Committee to solve the problems faced by Gendarmerie officers.

At present there are no new approaches between the government and the gendarmes. Officials have assured this will maintain moral rotation to protect the situation of prisoners of different prisons, but will not carry out transfers.

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