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Monday 05 November 2018


The top global football entity could impose sanctions on Peruvian football, leaving it out of international competition. This will happen if the country adopts the law on the strengthening of football, where the state will intervene in this sport.

The International Soccer Federation (FIFA) threatens to suspend the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) if the law on football aid is adopted, where the state will intervene in this sport. Something that worries football fans in the neighboring country.

FIFA sent a letter to the Federation stating that "on September 26, the Committee of FIFA Members of the FIFA (the Commission) became aware of the Congress of the Republic of Peru to revise and potentially change the law only nine months after its adoption."

"Therefore, and given the importance of the law to properly complete the statutory review process and then to take appropriate action, the Commission has decided … to warn the FPF that if the law is amended violation of FIFA and Conmebol's requirements, the matter will be transferred to the Bureau in order to be able to take appropriate measures in accordance with the FIFA Statute, including the possible suspension of the FPF, "he added.

The greatest entity of this sport had previously reversed the federation of the neighboring country, which is also mentioned in the letter. "To continue its actions, the FPF will have to hold elections in accordance with its current statutes, which would mean breaking the terms of FIFA and Conmebol."

"If the Congress plenary session adopts the amendments by law at second vote and then the President of the Republic proclaims the same, the FPF will be suspended with immediate effect. This suspension will be lifted as soon as the current version of the law adopted from Congress, "he adds.

Peruvian football (to abolish the law) will lose the South American championship under 20 in Chile (January), the South American championship under 17 in Lima (March), Copa América Brazil 2019 (June), the Pan American Races Lima 2019 17 in Peru (October), qualifiers Qatar 2022 (November). In addition, they will lose the organization of the U17 World Cup and the ability to host the Copa Sudamericana 2019 final.

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