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[fotos] Coquimbo Unido has announced that it has signed the top 8


The first B to form face to face with the first national football league in 2018, Coquimbo started the 2018 championship in Unido. Coach Patricio Graff and a dealer, Sergio Morales, agreed to hire a team of six or seven players to attend the first eight reinforcements in the next few hours after two intense days in the capital. The idea of ​​the Buenos Aires administration is a Argentinean-Italian coach who is worried about the acceleration of the process, rejoicing at the start of the season announced for January 2, which will end the year-end festivities with a team of former continents. He is better off negotiating with his players who are involved in the process and begin next month.

The popularity of the first names on Buenos Aires's social networks is that few of these players are among the media and fans. The names of an exzagueron that prevents Coquimbo Unido from having a season prior to injury and not getting more advantages are as follows; The second division is an archer from Iberia & a great breakthrough in the series of Honor The youngest midfielder John Salas is from the club at Chile University and earned a Los Angeles Cup trophy.

"The team has already begun to arm itself, the first names have been announced, we are absolutely sure of who will come", JORGE CONTADOR

The defender Daniel Vicencio from San Luis de Quilloto joined them.

Another striking fact in this new version of the club is the combination of two strikers in a field where barber names are needed because almost all areas of players have moved from this area, and only Kilian Delgado will be in dispute for an official meeting in March.

Other titles would be announced on Friday, although today's names will be given a similar or superior list, but a new striker, Reiner Castro, exSantiago Wanderers and midfielder Joe Ábrigo will arrive. last year played in Veracruz de Mexico.


26-year-old San Luis's former defender Daniel Vicencio Quiero was one of the first to be called. From the canaries, the aurinegrow, which remains in the privilege category, goes through to defend. Subsequently and unlike one another, Gustavo Merino (21 years old) from Los Angeles, Iberia; John Salas, (22) A young worker at Chilean University, who is playing credit for Angelenos; the defender Nicolas Berardo (28), who was recovering with pirates; Fernando Cornejo (22), mixed flyer from Audax Italiano; and since 2015, Pedro Muñoz Zuniga (32) defending Deportes Temuco for Higgins de Rancagua's angels and Ruben Farfán (27).

The former Santiago Wanderers defending San Felipe, Portugal and the Palestinian Olhanense shirt merged with Esteban Carvajal (30).

From every half an hour, the player's appearance was a player who showed his confidence in the steps given and reached a collective reach and was a player who loved to score. .


President of the Buenos Aires club, Jorge Contador, has been satisfied with the first seven and believes that other names will be announced to the team today.

Coquimbo said that Unido believes the roles of each player are well understood and that Sergio Morales, who does not resemble anyone, has the ability to negotiate, although the coach has joined the process. "I talked to Graff and he said he was calm, it was a breakthrough in the negotiations," he said. .

The head of the organization was renewed and armed as experienced footballers and other youths, including Ignacio Cordero, Nicolas Carvajal, Luciano Araya, Sebastian Cabrera, Sebastian Silva, Sebastian Galani, Ulises Castagnoli, Diego Gonzalez, Matías Cano, Klian Delgado, Lucas Martínez and Mauricio Yedro.

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