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G2A Pay pays a euro a month after its 180-day inactivity. These are your reasons


The G2A started as a platform for replacement switches and game subscriptions, but turned into a digital ecosystem. In fact, announcing ads in 2015 was very important G2A Pay, their online payment service. Must be used at least once every six months: there is a small deposit.

Reddit Ninth_revolution's user started the most recent message last weekend: they were executed after 180 days after the last one to G2A Pay. If you do not log in, the time has expired You will be charged a euro for your digital wallet.

In fact, this mail is just It is sent three days before the charge, just like a reminder, and the only entry to pay for that deposit. If there is no fund in the digital wallet, nothing will be paid.

1 The Ninth Revolution, published to Reddit, was seized in the original

The problem is, of course, that the user has a loan as an avroun will be paid every month What happens without entering your account.

As you can see, this amount is almost symbolic – if you take into account the total number of G2A customers (especially those who do not use this service), they have another nuance. 16 million people in March 2018.


It is also important to stress that the bond has been established earlier Under the terms and conditions of G2A Payall who did not read before leaving for a service. Particularly in paragraph 2 of section 2.

Reaction of G2A


The use of bonds and commissions when carrying out economic transactions is somewhat usual. We know it's not a very positive thing, but Is it true?

Seeing the reaction from G2A and Reddit – they wanted to make an official statement of almost 40,000 reactions in three days. In summary, consider this as a pledge which is a measure to know which users are still active.

We do not force any users to do a transaction or do something with the money. Only to know if the system is a user and that the account is not abandoned. Why are we doing this? Let's try to explain this in a few words:

Requires money to keep track of accounts (IT infrastructure, server maintenance, etc.) And if someone does not use the account, he is not required to keep it. We do not want to buy anything for these users, regardless of whether we are logged every 6 months, so they are still with us.

As a financial institution, we are also monitored, controlled and tested, and we have to support and explain all our accounts and the funds held in these accounts. Once we consider an account abandoned, we take certain steps to ensure that we have full compliance with all rules, jurisdictions and laws.

In some cases, we have to use such services during transactions and online purchases, but see terms and conditions, Remove your email from the unwanted folder.

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