Wednesday , February 8 2023

Google doodle before Christmas Eve


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Christmas spirits are everything they already have Google he knows; Therefore doodle is a countdown to today's visit Santa Claus night Christmas.

The Internet search system records an animation that allows you to see the holiday season Santa's tile in a park and in several parks Elves They work online to fill up with gifts. Articles north reindeerAn elf with an air traffic controller led by Rodolfo may seem even more apparent.

""Images of an unidentified object flying along The North Pole can be confirmed. Figures caught a point, and then there were eight smaller ones and a bright red light in the polar vortex, "he wrote in a statement.

Google brings together all the possibilities to offer a holiday game and different doodulars ChristmasFor example, kids can visit the site dedicated to the festival, learn Santa's journey, or create your own elf.


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