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Happy Holidays 2018: Google calculates hours for Christmas with beautiful doodle Christmas | Santa Claus Santa Claus Trends


It is not a long time to celebrate Christmas GoogleThe most popular search engine on the Internet reminded us through a special lip called Happy Holidays 2018. Apparently, as Santa Claus offers presents to children around the world, Santa Claus, like other countries, is also known on his shoulders.

It was a date set for December 23 Google one doodles more than expected by netizens; That is, Christmas is one.

"Happy Holidays 2018!", Can read in legend doodle started Google days ago ChristmasOne of the world's most celebrated dates.

It should be noted doodle Millions of Internet users were interested in a secret because of the mystery.

Apparently, when you open Google Chrome, you have the option to play doodle, when entering the internet Google this alternative disappears.

What does Christmas mean?

Let's remind Christmas It means the Christian world for Jesus to be born, and this is a very important date for the religion.

On the other hand, Christmas It has gained great popularity not only for the Christian world, but also for the Western and Eastern countries, which take into account this holiday.

The Christmas season begins with the triumph of Christmas, Jesus' baptism. It is often called Easter, which eventually begins with Christmas and ends with the Epiphany of Jesus Christ.


What is the meaning of Christmas Eve?

Articles Christmas Eve Christians celebrate the previous night Christmas. It is celebrated on the night of December 24, the day before the church was born. This holiday is open to relatives and friends who are open after midnight Christmas.

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus, Santa Claus or San Nicolas is the world-renowned name of the character who gives gifts to all the children throughout Christmas all over the world for Western culture.

This character is part of the ancient solar myth of the winter sunset, which recalls the name of the Christian bishop Nicolas of Christianity. This figure lived in the fourth century in Anatolia, in the Lycian valley, and now we know it as Turkey.

Santa Claus It was one of the most respected Christians in the Middle Ages, and until now its works have been preserved in the basilica of San Nicolas de Bari (Italy).


What is Dodod?

A doodle is a special design for any person who adorns a date or home page Google. These designs are usually animated, but at other times they are just a graphic.

Basically, a doodle change of this logo Google, the most commonly used search engine on the Internet.

Each doodle He has a motive and explanation. By clicking some of these, you'll be redirecting a date or date to a complimentary page.

Initially, doodles They were limited to important dates, but then developers Google They understood that these animations gave humanity relevant information, and therefore covered various interests.

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