Wednesday , February 1 2023

"He should be a discreet, prisoner"


Former national and FOX Athlete panelist, MP said Colo Colo & # 39; s chief coach would not consider "Mapuche Cause and Bag".

Colo Colo & # 39; s presentation, Mario Salas was not afraid of anything. And know that you have seen a Mapuche more than your chest, she is referring to the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, that is, our original people "I have to have another situation".

This did not bring the blame to the UDI senator Ivan Moreirahe commanded him "It is not a team to prepare and talk about political breakthrough". Prior to that, Rodrigo Goldberg was unable to stand firm and chatted with the MP.

"Nobody really misses this about Moreira? Besides being a pseudo-human being, a man who was able to stay in jail, is shaking. This guy is a mindset. He had to be in prison twice: for the first time he dropped his debt on the dictatorship and now hit Polokonu in the Fox Sports Chile for 90 minutes.

"It's time to make choro, humble, that's a bigger oneipo It is a shame that a boy like her is in parliament. This is a great shame. This man must be in jail. He was silent, and now the evil opens his mouth. "

Goldberg refers to leaked e-mails in 2014. Moreira, the manager of the Penta Group, Hugo Bravo, to fund your campaign with euphemisms, "make money" or "fuel voucher". Finally, the senator paid a fine of 35 million pesos and avoided oral testing, restored his immunity, and served as the senator of the republic.

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