Wednesday , February 1 2023

How to get benefit from the 2019 study? These are numbers and tracks


In the 2019 Student Benefit Application process, the Ministry of Education stated that more than 397,000 students in the next year can benefit from some student benefits to pursue higher education.

According to MineduC, FUAS has completed 496,771 students, of which 80% (397,644) have access to information on their socio-economic status and may have state funding for access to higher education, requisites, tariffs or credit grants and accredited ventures.

In this sense, only 254,000 young people can choose Gratuidad in 2018 as they account for 60% of the country's low-income households. In order to be eligible for benefit, students must join organizations that have joined the government policy and must follow the rest of the requirements.

As a whole, about 94,000 people are involved in the FUAS, or are unable to complete the Social-Economic Assessment process to achieve the outcome of their placement in the direct research homes.

From this year, the Higher Education Act sets out a new collection order for students in Grades 7, 8 and 9 (today, Gratuity reaches only the first 6 languages), and is worthy of those who are studying in institutions.

Thus, a student who wants to sign up or register at a Gratuidad organization, and who graduates FUAS, may choose to pay the adjusted fee at a rate that does not meet the student rewards, which will depend on your socio-economic level.

Applicants can view the results on the portal at and The details of the requirements for access to those student benefits are available on those sites.

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