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I have a mobile phone four years ago and can do anything with it


Spain is one of the shortest countries in the world. According to Kantar, the life of the mobile phone in our borders is one year and eight months. is significantly higher than the previous five years agoMobile changes every year and four months.

In general, The life of a smartphone is accepted for two years is mainly the period during which manufacturers offer updates. We have an example of Android One, a mid-level Google program that provides 24-month updates. After that time, the phone is worn out because it does not work, but the other is in favor of newer terminals. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general we speak.

Spanish people use the same cell phone for one year and eight months

Apple's claim looks like this, but the signature of the buyer offers more updates, about five years.. The most striking example is the iPhone 5S, launched in 2013 and running on iOS 12. After reaching 5 years of age, the iPhone will be forgotten and will not accept the new version of iOS, and will therefore be compatible with some applications.

Mobile is good and I do not have to change it

Oneplus One

The speed of the technology is very fast. A very complex marketplace that requires constant renewal, firms are almost forced to start every year at a new high levelsuch as Samsung and OnePlus, up to two signatures. We see that the price of the devices has been steadily rising, and the distance from the one thousand euros barrier is normal, Resist the changes and keep in touch with your term until the explosion, as they say.

There are people who do not seem to be the strongest evidence to upgrade their mobile phones to upgrade their latest smartphone

Newer phones have better cameras, better sound, more features, more screens, more battery, more, more and more. But who is it for people? these additions do not seem to be enough to alter mobile phones. There are some users who have no reason to change their cell phone while doing good, some kind of resistance to programmed wear.

We contacted some of them To know their testimony, we can say that they wanted to live on mobile phones four years ago, why they did not change and missed something.

Carmen keeps the iPhone 5S

Carmen Pascual, from Madrid, has been in the iPhone 5S for us for four years (September 2013). "They gave me the idea to replace the iPhone 3Gs, which I was before, and I've always been Apple pockets." When asked if he had not changed, Pascual said,still works well My favorite cell phone, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, is spent on a lot of money and I invest in travel. "In a few words, he says," I still have a mobile phone serving me. "

Of course, everything is red and not gold. Karmen acknowledges that he misses a better camera, because "I often use a Nikon when traveling, especially if I use it for a particular occasion, because I have a photo with a person with a higher cell phone and then give it to me." The screen is also a negative point, "very small". In recent years, multimedia consumption is of great importance and the new mobile phones are adapted to the trend, offering panels that are up to six buttons in diagonal and even higher. An iPhone 5S is four inches away.

Although your iPhone 5S still works well, it's a better camera and misses a bigger screen

As far as possible "works well and has not broken nor is it blocked as other brands like new phones, and I speak as I have seen. "" The only problem, "Carmen continues I will no longer update the operating systemso there are new applications and innovations that I can not download anymore. But they are resting, so work is going on. "

Pascual does not go for the latest flagships of the brands, but will be betting on the iPhone 7 because of what model it will buy for renewal. " high quality, not too high latest models. I'm looking for efficiency, not so far, but I will not change. And if it takes a year to do so, then I'm going for the iPhone 8, perhaps for a cheap price. "

Óscar Condés has Samsung Galaxy S4

Xataka Photo Partner Óscar Condes owns the highest level of Samsung Galaxy S4 presented by the company. March 2013. "I introduced him as a birthday to his wife, and he understood us well since he was a good mobile phone (about 699 euros to start), but not the last one, almost three years later, maybe four, When I bought myself better, I stayed in my possession""

Oscar continues, "I did not change works well and I am enough to use it. If I do not want to stay as long as it works and work, I do not think I'll change it. I use mostly to see emails, WhatsApp, Slack, some social networks, some pictures and sometimes some calls. "It also criticizes the current situation of the smartphone market." smartphone prices have failed. One thousand euros mobile that will last for a few years with full power? What is horror or what? "

"It seems to me that the issue of smartphone prices has failed, and a thousand euros for a few years will continue with full power, horror or what?"

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 says it works well though from time to time you see the weight of the age. "Sometimes I escaped from the ground and the camera is amazing." As for the battery, "I changed it several times, even after a very short time and started changing it, and after a while I bought another piece of work that did not last long and then bought a few cheaper cheap eBay (4 and 5 euros) Every little run away. I think they are a year or a half, "the sentence.

As for changing the devices, Oscar "I will not spend money on a mobile phone. I think you can get a beautiful mobile phone below 300 euros. In this sense, there are several brands in my home, but lately we are loyal to Samsung, although it has grown to the elite I would get a Huawei or Xiaomimobile phones that are of great value for money. "

Carlos Lanzat has an iPhone 5 that does not plan to change

Iphone 5

Carlos Lanzat, 23, from Malaga, reports a similar situation to us. Five years ago, an iPhone 5 was purchased because "I saved money and decided to replace HTC instead of paying for it." The cheapest iPhone 5 was 699 euros When released in September 2012. "I have not changed, because it works for me," he says. "I use WhatsApp to send messages, make calls, consult on Google Maps, and watch a special video on YouTube."

But he tells us your device will no longer be problematic. "It is not well loaded, because the entry is a little disrupted and there is dust inside the camera, and the results are far from their agenda." As to the battery, Carlos tells us that Several times he turned on the phone to change the phonenow you can say, "go more or less" and "one day until the day of autonomy, I will defeat it." "Still, Compatible with any current mobile phone. Nevertheless, it works well for me because I do not demand it. It's good for me to write, call, listen, listen and connect to the Internet. "

"If you compare it with any mobile phone, it's a waste of everything"

If you decide to change this, something that is not in your short-term plans, would buy another iPhone. "I do not exactly know what to do, because I do not want to be great," he says. Remember, the iPhone 5 has a four-inch screen, so it's important to keep track of the iPhone XR (the top of the last three iPhones) by jumping 6.1 inches.

An iPhone 6 that will continue to use even more memory

We find a terminal running on an iPhone that runs Lucia (a real name for anonymity), a Madrassa owned by an iPhone 6, which started in September 2014 and is essentially the same. ""I took the second hand no Android denied me because two years ago he refused to spend too much money on a phone. A few months later, I faced and had a problem, so I decided to leap to the Apple platform, "he says.

This has not changed since "because of the second hand it was not exactly cheap and let's say you are resisting not to spend too much money on a smart phone. Works perfectly. "Lucia was influenced by those known as the Battery Gate, so" Apple's operating system was upgraded and I had to change the battery when some terminals began to weaken. It costs me 25 or 35 euros, but now I can keep it for a long day, even a day. "

"If I put a microSD card for my current iPhone, I will not change my mobile phone"

Lucia sees where a problem is stored and in the camera. "It's a bit short, though, not only to store an iPhone and a photo of just about 16GB of iPhone and the operating system and applications, but it's a bit short, I'm not going to expand my memory," he says, "while the camera is putting it next to other mobile phones."

Unlike the previous two users, Lucia is thinking about changing mobile phones"If I put a microSD card for my iPhone, I will not do it," he said. Even so, "it's time to change it, and a new terminal will come to Reyes, and I believe it's an iPhone XS 256 GB, because it's a big investment in the mobile phone because I do not want it to remain in the shortest possible time for two years." The model you want is worthwhile 1,356 euros on the Apple website.

Miguel Serrano continues with Samsung Galaxy S6

Miguel Serrano is 23 years old and lives in Madrid, though Huelva was born. He owns the gold Samsung Galaxy S6, but it's not normal, curved edges. " The device was presented by the Korean company March 1, 2015, reached about 695 euros. "I bought Movistar for € 320 a long time ago, as Samsung was in good shape with good camera and good performance."

He says Use the phone to "all for a bit"looking at social networks or watching social networks accidentally playing or changing "Because I do not have my money right now and it's still working, it's meaningless to change the truth." "Now, despite the work, there are things already started Navigate regularly as battery and camera""

"In 18 months, I have to carry the phone to SAT to change motherboards, screens and ports"

"Batteries sometimes die and load twice twice, in fact, when the cell phone is 18 months old, it slipped it off when it was removed from the SAT because it froze and boarded the motherboard, the screen and the cargo port," he says. On the other hand,The camera gives me a lot of trouble with the autofocus, it goes well and remains. A friend also happened to me and changed the camera at SAT, but when it was over, it happened to me. "" Otherwise, "Miguel continues," is good. I have no problem with the storage or processor. "

To replace the device, Miguel would buy something he thought he would buy OnePlus 6T. "It was recommended by a friend for me and it was very good, so I do not exclude Samsung."

Juan Pablo does not need the replacement of the iPhone 6

Iphone 6

Something similar to that of a native Madrid is Juan Pablo Hernández There is an iPhone 6 in your pocket. "I bought it because I had to renew the contract with my operator, and I came with a few iPhones." She says she likes her design level and has not changed her "so far has never been with her".

Like Lucia, Juan Pablo he had to change the batterythis time twice. "The first was due to the software, and the second was because of the use I gave him because I used a job, called and some navigation."

When there is nothing wrong with doing, Juan Pablo does not think there are reasons to change the iPhone

Therefore it does not need to change it. "Now I use more in terms of personal, post, social networks and amateur photography, and I have not had any serious problems, and I do not see anything to do, so I do not see the need to change it." While doing so, it means "I'm going to the iPhone XS, mostly to my taste for it."

Álvaro Pascual continues his OnePlus spare battery

Álvaro Paskual was a 25 year old user People who bet on OnePlus in the beginning. There is currently a OnePlus One and it's going to "die with it". "I bought … Since they were too small when you went from one company to another, did they give you a cell phone? Well, I've been tired of bad phones for many years, OnePlus One I saw it as an opportunity to invest in a powerful mobile phoneWhen I opened the invitation in the Black Friday, I purchased it and I did it as an investment. "

Alvaro tells us what to do with chatting, watching videos on YouTube, and reading Kindle books He did not change because he did not need it. "I have not blown the screen or have a problem with fat, and despite the good level of storage, processor and other features, it's true that it's just a little over time and needs to clear the background and storage memory." "On the contrary," he continues, "taking and receiving documents, photos and videos for four years At the end 64 GB is used and begins to slow down. "

The battery can always change, although it is a problem that affects all older cells

Also note battery shortage has dropped. "I had to change a couple of times, and I bought typical batteries saying they were official, but not by changing it you can give your cellphone a second life. Also, I do not have the money to spend on a new mobile device. "But there is no complaint about performance, the operating system says, it works well, and you finally get your love.

The current OnePlus One will have only the reasons you can change Difficulty in getting the battery low, camera and "wearing through the software, something that can come to the future". Some apps are no longer available or can not be updated to the newer version.

Taking into consideration the "good experience with OnePlus One", I would use the "last OnePlus" model to change the term, even though they would benefit and maintain a philosophy that at a lower cost they offer you extraordinary machine and who want to get more benefits they start to be a company, although for the moment, it's not what I look and read. "

"It's not to be careful not to put frames and tempered glasses"

Alvaro also has words for people who think that the cell phone can not last for more than two years you need to take care of yourself for the next cell. "It's not about putting corpses and tempered bottles, but to be careful and to put things on the edge of the table, for example." He also thinks, "We often need to calm down the desires of being the last when we do not get all the water that we can often get on the phone."

Juan García: "What's worth using for my 16 GB iPhone?"

We ended with Malaga & 28-year-old Juan Garcia, who uses the iPhone 6S for three years. "I bought it In July 2016, € 300 was added to the game replacing a Meizu battery that is disturbed. I used the iPhone before, but I liked Android, I had the opportunity and I was back. The money is worth it, though renewedIt looked good to me and I bought it. "

As the hero of this post, Juan did not change it because it works well and "The iPhone is always bombarding iOS, though I do not do it for fear of launching certain applications or slowing down the mobile source."

"I do not have to change the basic applications and the work I need to work perfectly, and the camera is good and 16 GB, though I'll use it." "It covers all the needs," he says. Nevertheless, the cell phone is now two years old Note that the battery will start to weaken. "The pot is going to go a bit, though it's irreplaceable, it'll go up to 10%."

As to its usage, the person using Malaga is "50% personal and 50% for work, ie WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, mail and so on." Uses. It is not a person who uses the phone as "very creative" camera is not a problem. Given that the handset is good enough, it does not need to be replaced. "True, there are always innovations and there is always a shine, but I have a phone with a double camera or a face with your face. they do not seem to be a good reason to make money. What I'm doing is doing very well. "

He says he has to change would have taken Xiaomimainly his camera, the available space and generally its features. "POCOPHONE draws my attention and I think it's a good mobile phone, and I do not doubt that the look of the name does not seem too bright," she jokes.

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