Wednesday , February 8 2023

Includes tailoring to the preparation of Maria Luisa Godoy for the Viña del Mar Festival


Each time a new version of Viña del Mar is launched, it is less demanding. The animators of the international competition are clear and face the challenge.

Earlier, one of the debutants at Quinta Vergara, Maria Luisa Godoy, did not even want to give a casual detail. In fact, the TVN cheerleader applied three of the three treatments: mesotherapy, photon laser and mechanical stimulation.

In a conversation with Las Ultimas Noticias, Maria Luisa said that the changes are still unclear, but her companions in the morning told her that she was "refreshed." "I feel like I'm wearing many dark circles, and sometimes I even feel tired," says Godoy.

Dental surgeon Joaquín Navarro, a dental surgeon with a degree in aesthetic medicine, is responsible for the treatment and "Mesotherapy is an injection of different active ingredients in the skin and allows you to eradicate tiredness and erase small wrinkles."

In this process, mechanical biostimulation in a law is added to prevent the skin from bleeding when giving the photon laser face muscle tone.

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