Friday , February 3 2023

Infantino, who started the U-21 duel, spoke about the chances of reaching the World Cup in Chile


During the visit of FIFA President Gianni Infantino to Chile, the Swiss youth shared a valuable moment in the U-21 match and talked about the country’s chances to host the World Cup.

Gianni Infantino Every two years, he continued his agenda during his visit to Chile as part of the promotion of the World Cup initiative, and this Sunday, he shared the U21 U with young players from the local environment after the start of the match. Higgins and Deportes Santa Cruz, also touched on the country’s chances of hosting the highest international event.

The head of FIFA, together with the president of ANFP Pablo Milad, continued their meetings since this Saturday, but this time the meeting place was Quili’s offices.

The Swiss manager held a press conference every two years to explain the reasons why the World Cup will be positive for football at the international level. “Giving teams a chance to play in big tournaments has a positive effect. There is no such thing as the World Cup to develop football.”.

“If the World Cup were held every two years, it wouldn’t affect the America’s Cup. Besides, I would do it positively; higher-level football. It’s better for everyone involved.”, clarified.

Infantino stressed that certain conditions must be taken to protect the health of players, and explained the following: “The proposal suggests that if there is a World Cup every two years, there must be a mandatory holiday of at least three weeks after the tournament. This is one of the conditions.”.

Concerned about the country’s chances of hosting the World Cup, the leader, if ambitious, “Chile can host the World Cup”, but “it would be very difficult for a country with 48 teams,” he said.

Infantino, on the other hand, ironically said that Conmebol Classifiers “wanted to host the World Cup with 211 participants”, analyzing how difficult it was and the complex gift that ‘La Roja’ lived on the table. “They deserve it in the countryside.”

“It is clear that this generation of players is incredible. Unfortunately, Russia, which has shown a very high quality at the international level, did not qualify for 2018,” he said.

“Good luck to Chile and others”, ruled.

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