Monday , February 6 2023

Is gentle training used to combat intellectual disability? – Journalism. com


In recent years, the claim that the brain is like a muscle is popular: if not studied, these are atrophies. As a result, solving problems, puzzles, sudoku and so on. Implementation of the brain through. This has been announced as a way to minimize the risk of suffering from senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease, not to minimize the age-related intellectual decline.

However, scientific proof of neuroscience supporting the above-mentioned statements is very weak. A neuropathologist and teacher at Yale University Medical School Steven Novella explains: "Two decades of research suggests that you are more capable of acting in a particular mind, and if you do a sudoku, you will be better off sudoku solution and will not be easier . "

These findings from neuroscience have not been an obstacle to the "brain education" industry in the form of books, video games, music, courses … In fact, in one industry report, cognitive assessment and brain education are moving more than eight billion dollars worldwide to 2022. As it always happens, marketing is ahead of science, unless it is directly shaken.

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