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"It's a complete change, not only in the mental, I fight better"


Christian Garin (22) seems to have another attitude. Back left this apathy that he showed in the past to enjoy a glorious gift, which today has 87 of the world, after having climbed nearly 300 seats in a time when it ended. A fan of the routine of Felipe Avello, el Tanque or Gago, as his friends say, comments a few days back to Santiago before going on vacation, the path that has finally been to him in the team where the best ones are involved.

Did you imagine such a good closing time?

I imagined well. Maybe three tournaments win in a row I do not know if I thought it, but it was something I was looking for for a long time and I was very excited to be able to do it. The truth is that I played very well in all the tournaments.

What changed in relation to the Christian Garin before?

We changed a lot. Especially in the way of competition, on how to face the races. There was a change of coach after Wimbledon. Without a doubt, it helped me a lot to start working with Andrés (Schneiter). I think I've improved many things that I did not plan to improve so quickly. I felt very comfortable with him and with the trainer, Martiniano (Orazi). We got him a very good plan for the end of the year and everything went well.

The records recorded this year are comparable to those of Guillermo Coria.

The most important thing for me is to do a good preseason. It would be a dream, but it is something that I take calmly. I want to go to the tournament. I know if I'm ready, any time will happen.

You said you did not miss out on bad, but from other factors. Psychological appears to be key in his present.

I have felt that I was much more competitive in the intellectual part. I have worked with a psychologist three, four months. It helped me a lot, but overall there was a complete change. I do not see it only in the spiritual part. I look forward to better, I have a clearer game. And that, no doubt, gave me much more peace. Andrés is very worried about the details. always be well focused on competition. And that gave me enough peace to think about going to the competition and delivering my best in every game, which is asking me more. Maybe I ask not to play so well, but to always be competitive and that's what I have found more with me and my tennis.

Do you think so much ecstasy of the media ruined it?

The truth is that I do not see it this way. Personally, I never feel attacked by anyone. Perhaps I did not know how to get it in a positive way, as it is now. Thanks to the media, people can support me, I feel great support for social networks. I always read stories of people I may never have thought I knew. There are people who make my day happy sometimes. When I lose, they send me good messages. I read them and this was also created by the media.

Do you feel that you have regained your joy?

The truth is that I have touched, as in any process, the high and low, which may have marked my career quite a bit. But today, ending such a year has left me a lot more positive things. It made me forget most of the things that have happened to me and make me think about continuing to improve on the tournaments that come to me. I was very excited to be there. Perhaps I would like, like everyone else, to do it just before. But I'm glad to be here and have this opportunity to play the best tournaments.

Did you think about letting tennis?

I did not think of retiring, but I made a change. Perhaps a new beginning. I never thought to leave it. Not at all Tennis is what I like the most, it's my passion. I live for tennis, with great joy. It makes me very happy to do what I like and go on forever.

This year, he faced financial difficulties.

Tennis is a difficult sport in this sense. It's not easy to fund a career. My parents have done a great deal of work throughout my life. This year was complicated in this respect, but I made it impossible to continue playing. And the financing of the tournaments, because I always thought it would be very good this year. We are creating a very stable working group, which I like very much this year. More than ranking, I am happy that we are all in the same direction.

How did he manage to self-finance?

I had to play entertainment centers to pay my expenses this year. It was a good experience to play in Germany.

Another striking aspect in his career is the amount of coaches he has spent. Is there any reason that explains such a big change?

I see it as seen by Gringo (Schneiter). I've always tried to find someone with more connection. The changes were inappropriate. There was always something, maybe I did not say, complicating the relationship. But I am very pleased with this group, it took me a long time to find it. Everything is organized and this is thanks to Andrés, who is crazy about the organization. And that is appreciated.

He was also at the Academy Rafael Nadal, with whom he will meet again in the ATP tournaments.

It was a good time, I lived there for a year. They always received me well and when I left they understood. I am always grateful for everything they did for me. The exchange of tournaments with Rafa is a dream, it is someone I take as an example of many things. I am very excited to be able to compete from now on in the same tournaments.

How would you summarize this experience in the United States with Horacio Matta and Larry Stefanki?

It was something I had to live on, to realize a lot of things. I focused a little more on my career, far away from my family, which was the worst and hardest thing to do. That's where I realized we lost a lot of Chile, it's close to me, my friends and the people who support me. I missed a lot, but in Buenos Aires I found a base on which I am very close.

Do you have any contact with Stefanki?

I have no contact with him, but he was also very important and I admire him a lot.

What was the significance of Nicolás Massú?

He is a very important person all these years. Before I decide, I ask. I'm waiting for your advice. He was like a very close friend and he is an incredible captain. I have a great relationship with him and his brother. Nikos is always there, at any time of the day, to help me.

He also speaks to Marcelo Ríos.

I spoke to him a week ago. I have a good relationship with him, is also a basic pillar in the Davis Cup and is someone I'm trying to talk with from time to time.

How do you see the Davis Cup series against Austria?

Expectations are always to win, to be competitive. Fighting every point in the series will be important. They are the favorites, they play from home on a stadium that hosts them. But we will try to win a very difficult opponent. But why not?

A triumph over the Dominic Divine would be a ministry.

I do not know, there is much left. I have an extremely hard preseason and three tournaments that make me very excited. It still lacks, but it would be a dream to do that.

How did you see what Nicolás Jarry did?

I see Nikos very well, I know him for a long time. It is at a good time, we are talking from time to time. Now we will see each other more often in the tournaments. I am happy when it is there and we are together as a team and makes me feel very happy.

Has it helped take off the previous year for your take off?

I do not know The truth is that I met my process this year and we improved the tournament tournaments. I focused more on myself.

What is your goal for 2019?

I did not talk to Andrés, but I will certainly fight at the highest level, I will be stable at ATP and I will do a good preparation.

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