Wednesday , February 1 2023

La Moneda's mutual strategy with JAK is "ice law"


It took 9 months to do so José Antonio Caste has been regarded as a non-grata person In the presidential palace.

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As part of the strategy to address the controversial statements of politician, La Moneda will not respond to any statement from the former presidential candidate.

This measure has been for a while, The Government Movement is concerned about the actions of the leader of the Republican Movement (AR) parties of the ruling party, Third.

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She began to warn about the risk of stabilizing the former MP, Compare the situation with entering the Communist Party into the New Commonwealth, "ending the violation of the internal unity".

on the other hand The National Renewal (RN) ordered MPs to refrain from encounters with Cast, because several MPs received working protocols, visits and congratulations from the former UITE.

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