Tuesday , January 31 2023

Latam aircraft landing forced to close one of Brazil's largest airports


Latam airport was heavily damaged after being forced to close the Tankredo Neves airport after landing in Belo Horizonte, southern Brazil early Thursday.

The LA8084 flight is covered by the Sao Paulo-London route Belo Horizonte had an accident and fell into an emergency, at 00:43 (Chile at 00.43) local time at about 1. 43 at 21:30, delaying more than 30 flights and limiting the airport's activity.

The accident occurred an hour after the aircraft was thrown at the Guarulos airport in Sao Paulo, so the boat's fuel tank was almost completely loaded, as a result The tires will curl up when a safety system is active during descent.

The security system pulled out eight out of 14 Tire Boeing 777s, After touching the ground, the airport officials began covering the area where the machine was carved.

A Hercules Airplane from the Brazilian Air Force had to help the ambulance crews at the airport.

According to passengers interviewed by the Brazilian press, the pilots informed the airline that Belo Horizonte had an emergency landing due to electricity shortages.

Latam said that the passengers were not injured or injured by the incident, and that they cooperated with the authorities to identify the causes of emergencies.

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