Wednesday , February 1 2023

Madonna, a drummer who posted a Instagram photo, was surprised only 19


The queen of the Pop is an active user of social networks, he stages his work on the stage and publishes intimate notes.

But one of his latest editions was surprised by the fact that he did not expect to see a naked singer's appearance.

Note that, The artist was only 19 years old I was not popular yet.

The composer has forced the censorship of Instagram to a great extent and remembers himself about 40 years ago.

Instagram Madonna

"I'm 19. I'm a student at Martha Graham Dance School. Designed for art schools across the city to pay for rent. Photo, Picture and Photographic Classes ".

""Most of these photos were sold to Playboy and Penthouse when I became popular. Photographers exploited me and then embarrassed because I was patriotic. I told the press & # 39;No, I'm ashamed"And this title was news," he added.

""It was a collaboration between Warhol and Haring. I'm proud of 4 of these paintings. Later, I was given a wedding gift. They can not stop art to embarrass you. Creation always wins"It's over.

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